Monday, December 17, 2007

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Ever get that sinking feeling in your gut that you really need a head check? I get those. Usually after I pull some stunt where I do the very thing I shouldn't do. So let me say that I am no great guy. Just an average ass that messes up things. But what I lack for in amount, I make up for in intensity. So I may not screw up thirty times in a day, but the few times I do mess up, I really screw the pooch.

The bike is still sitting under the not so graceful cover of a car cover. I hope that it hasn't caught too much of a rust bug since the last couple of rains. But I haven't been by where it is stored at to look. Some other issues really have kept me from going by. But me and T have talked about it recently. She suggested that I should try haul it over here to mess with it. It would be a lot easier to tear into the bike when it is sitting in my carport, rather than being across town.