Monday, December 17, 2007

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Ever get that sinking feeling in your gut that you really need a head check? I get those. Usually after I pull some stunt where I do the very thing I shouldn't do. So let me say that I am no great guy. Just an average ass that messes up things. But what I lack for in amount, I make up for in intensity. So I may not screw up thirty times in a day, but the few times I do mess up, I really screw the pooch.

The bike is still sitting under the not so graceful cover of a car cover. I hope that it hasn't caught too much of a rust bug since the last couple of rains. But I haven't been by where it is stored at to look. Some other issues really have kept me from going by. But me and T have talked about it recently. She suggested that I should try haul it over here to mess with it. It would be a lot easier to tear into the bike when it is sitting in my carport, rather than being across town.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Nah man, I ain't quit. I just been a bit distracted.

Well, a good day/afternoon/night/3 a.m. boredom session to you great internet readers.

I have not died, quit, fallen off my tricycle, or been mauled by wild debt collectors (yet). As the title states, I have just been a touch distracted. Well perhaps that is an understatement, I have been wholly distracted and occupied by a life that has more turns than a rally race.

I know I said that I was planning on doing some machine work on the bike. It is still a plan, just hasn't actually made it to a reality yet. I have worked pretty much every lunch break I have had since that post and I can no longer hang out late here at work. So when 5 o'clock hits I have to go and brave the freeway to get home.

In the last few months, I have gone from the single, divorced dad with weekend visits, trying to figure out what in the world I am supposed to do with my afternoons. And somewhere in the last few months have become the sappy in love, full-time dad and student that can't figure out how to fit everything in the time I have in a day. So the bike has suffered from a serious case of neglect. If it was closer to me, I bet that I would get the evil eye every time I walked by it. But luckily enough the chop is way on the other side of town under a tarp. Hidden. That's right, my chop is in solitary confinement. I can hear its lonesome sniffles from my seat here, nearly 60 miles away.

"Come to me and save me from a fate worse than rust. I am lonely and neglected. You promised to fix me up and take me down the freeway so we could kick the mirrors on luxury cars. Don't you remember that? Where is the love?"

So yeah. I am a bad builder. I have left my mid-life crisis toy languishing in a backyard. I should have my perpetual teenager card revoked. And be soundly beaten with a wet noodle.

Please forgive me for my sins.

Friday, September 28, 2007

So you want to drive in Southern California - Part 3. Beware the idiots

That's right, beware of those that are clearly idiots.

I have a tendency to see many morons first hand. And I am here to pass this knowledge of what to look for when traversing the freeways.

To put it in the simplest terms. Everyone on the freeway is an idiot. But that really doesn't help you, does it? There are a few classes of idiots, and each have their own things that you should watch out for. So let's cover a few here.

Luxury cars, watch for the Lexuses (Lexii?), for they do not know what they do. Yes keep a close eye on any and all true luxury marquees. These are the people that have spent insane amounts of money for status. They have made it to this point by stomping on anyone they deem lesser than themselves. And on the freeway they are no better. As they are left behind by the car before them, they do not care about the people that await their use of a gas pedal. Nor do they move to another lane to let people pass. These are not the type of people that will allow anyone to pass them. They are your managers and their goal in life is to be an obstacle in your drive from point A to point B. It is much like the way they operate at work.

And on that note. Also watch for the old luxury cars. These are the vehicle of the wannabe's. That's right welfare mom's and deadbeat dad's that wish they could be rich. And they would do it too, if it wasn't so much work. So instead they will drive a 1982 BMW with a blown headgasket and duct taped quarter windows with Dayton wire rims. Too fucking cool.

Anyone with a NASCAR sticker. I don't give a damn if it is a Flash Gordon, or some ridiculous number sticker on the back of their Caravan. The only reason these people are NASCAR fans is due to the fact they are fascinated by anyone that knows how to keep a vehicle under complete control at speeds over 35mph. These people live vicariously through their tube framed "stock car" racing, Southern heroes.

The American made full size Tonka truck. These are owned by women with weight issues and men with penis envy. Please do not get this mixed up with a serious off-road machine. You will know the difference. A serious vehicle is designed to hit the dirt at WOT and the people that own them know what they are doing. No, the ones I talk about are the ones with a 14" lift using blocks on the leaf springs. 22" rims with rubberband tires and enough chrome lights to keep the Mohave lit up like Christmas. These people have spent insane amounts of money on something that can't even make it over a concrete divider at the local Wal Mart without the owner becoming anxious. You rock people. And someday when my hair falls out and my penis cannot stand up without the aid of blue pills, I may have to buy one myself. Nahh.

Now for a minor detour back to the original purpose of this blog.

I have gotten the OK to use a mill at my job. So next week I hope to drag my trees over and get the nasty stuf taken off and get it ready for new nasty stuff to be welded back on. So stay tuned for some bike building.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So you want to drive in Southern California - Part 2

Let me give a brief idea on the layout of this wondrous system of roadways here in So. Cal.

I have heard the line about the interstate and freeway system being the arteries of the nation. The same is true for California. The roads are what keep California alive and rockin'.

But you have to understand these are not the arteries of a 20 yr old marathon runner. No. These are the arteries of a night-shift factory foreman. You know the one. That guy in the glass room. The cheap beer swilling, burger chomping, 2 pack a day smoking, 5 years from retirement foreman.

And the cars in these cholesterol hardened roads are its life's blood. Just looking for the perfect place to lodge itself up against and create a wondrous aneurysm.

There are only a few things that really gum up the works here in So. Cal. I will list a few here for you.

Reduction in lanes.
Expansion in the number of lanes.

I am not trying to say that the drivers on the freeways are complete morons. No, not at all. Perhaps they would do very well on bicycles. Unfortunately when you place them in or on anything that goes faster than 20 MPH, their IQ begins to drop by an equal amount. It could be from the lack of real driving adversities. Those without a challenge will create challenges for themselves. Thereby making life miserable for those of us that just want to move along and are honestly entertained by seeing the road move beneath their feet.

Friday, September 07, 2007

So you want to drive in Southern California - Part 1

Since I am currently in slacker mode for the bike build, I have been rather sporadic on my updates. Mainly this is due to the fact that there has been no progress on the Honda. With this in mind the blog has taken a slight detour into the slightly disturbing and convoluted corners of my mind. This might be a bit off-putting for some folk, but please bear with me. I will return to the roots of this blog. Me and the blog we have had some good times, you know?

So since I am unable to update my little blog with anything motorcycle related at the moment, I will just have to do a little song and dance to keep people coming to the shores that is the deserted island of me.

Now as do most other Californians, I commute. I get up in the morning, drink my coffee and rush onto the roadways to spend an hour parking in the morning. Do some work for 8+ hours. Rush out of the office and park for another hour. It is a good time to be had by all. Now I bet you are saying, "Well Shroom, what the fuck do you do during the two hours of your life that is being slowly drained away by sitting parked in long lines with your fellow sheeple?"

I could listen to tapes on CD or cassette. Listen to talk radio, someone interesting and deep like Dr. Laura or Rush. Or even learn how to phase through walls from deep Zen meditation. Do I do any of these? Nah. I think about things.

"What kinds of things?" you may ask. All sorts of things that only deep intellectuals like myself think about. Well intellectuals and sociopaths. I think about the life, the universe, and everything. I think about the meaning of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, where those lost socks really go, and why the sky is blue. I think about love, like, family, and why ketchup tastes so damn good on fries. Deep meaningful thoughts.

But for a little while I want to take you into my head and tell you about this special thing I get to experience daily, called Southern California commuting. This is going to be a multi part series. As of this time, I have no idea how many parts. More than likely I will write about it until I either

A. Get bored.
B. Get side-tracked.

So stay tuned for this new series, only available here. Unless I can gain syndication with a high class magazine, like Penthouse.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's confirmed.

Hello, I am Shroom, and I am an addict.

So for the past two weeks I have sat on the fence about getting another bike. So I look, ogle, and drool. But not bought.

Well yesterday afternoon I get a call from a guy named Don that I met a few weeks back.He and his brothers were doing an estate sale for their mom that had passed away. I had just dropped by to see what deals could be there. That day I left with a $20 dollar TV set. But while I was there I saw this '78 KZ1000. Well hell, you know me from this blog, I couldn't pass up asking about it and expressing my interest.

Well it never sold during the estate sale, and the last couple of weeks he has received a few offers but nothing panned out. Last night I get a call about working out a deal. We gab a bit and I tell him that I am struggling in the cash department, otherwise I would buy it from him. So after talking a bit more, he agrees to float a check as a down payment and let me make some payments for the bike. If it didn't sell, he was going to be stuck hauling it back to Nevada and was not too thrilled at that one.

So here is what I am getting in a few weeks.

A 1978 KZ1000 with the Kawasaki fairing, I think Vetter made these. With a set of hard saddle bags. These things are huge, but ugly as sin. No, I don't mean ugly, I mean UGLY! They look like a pair of plastic briefcases. And not the cool ones they make now, remember this is a '78. The motor turns, has three boxes of parts and pieces. Along with a birthcontrol helmet. If I wore it, I would never get laid again. And trust me,, I don't get it nearly as much as I would like now.

The motor still turns, but it hasn't been registered in about 10 years. So I figure that a carb rebuild or clean out, new battery and of course a fun trip to the DMV are gonna be in order.

Now as I was telling a friend of mine last night. I must be sick. I have already decided that the fairing, bags and probably every piece I can will go away. Should I use milk crates or cardboard for their final resting spot? Fo now I plan on riding it fucking silly, but this will be a cafe bike as soon as the chop gets rolling. So project number 2 is being planned before project number 1 is even finished.

For now though, I plan on doing the barnstorming get it running and ride the snot out of it bit. I am almost 100% sure that I will need the second set of wheels.

Yeah I am fucked in the head. But hey if we can't have an obsession or three, then I wouldn't be able to get any of the neat little happy pills.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

So I am breaking a promise I made.

I promised that this blog would not be a bitch fest. I am too old to go all emo and shit on people. Whaa.

Well you know, fuck it. If you don't like it, just close the window and don't come back. Bye.

I backed out of the other KZ the other night. $200 was a good deal to be honest. I have put some shit together that looked worse and kept them alive indefinitely. But money is very tight at the moment. Hell they cut my power the other day and it appears that my 'net access is off too. Thankfully my neighbors have no idea how to secure a WAP. Hooray for open AP's that I can hop on.

Last night was a great night. I sat around and drank some beers with old friends that I faded away from years ago. Marriage and life got in the way. But for some odd reason they thought I was OK enough to actually look for. Makes ya feel like an alright person. Once in a while I need that kind of positive reinforcement. "Hey Shroom, you aren't a total fuckhead, so we wanted to say hi."

So after a good night out with good people, I cruised on home in the wee hours with the boys in tow. Off to bed and slept in. Damn can't remember the last time I slept until 8 in the morning without flipping and flopping. Another plus.

As the light came in the apartment to inform me that the day has begun, I rolled over and sparked up a Camel. Only three left, gonna have to get more.

The thoughts of how to finagle my "finances" was ticking through my little brain. Gas bill, car payment, rent, moving fees, etc. I began to think about what the boys need for the first day of school. Well the eldest needs some new shoes. Those skateboarding kids destroy shoes like I destroy my liver. The thought suddenly smacked me.

School starts in a little over a week and I have no fucking clue on how to get the little one to school...

Ummm. Fuck?

School starts at a few minutes before 8 am, which isn't bad, but I am gone from town at 6:30. Grandma watches the boys during the day, but my ex has commandeered her car. And do I actually believe that she is gonna be trustworthy enough to give the car back to her moms so she can run the boys around? Highly unlikely.

OK I would trust their grandmother in my car, but then how the hell do I get to work? Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Maybe buying that damn KZ wasn't quite the stupid move I thought it was. Well too bad I didn't think about this about three days ago...

OK, now I gotta figure out how the hell to get my boys around town during the week and get my fat ass outta town at the same time. I seriously doubt that my work will be to happy if I was missing 2 hrs every day. Sometimes the world just loves to bend you over and stuff you without lube. I should be used to this by now, but can't I at least get dinner and a few drinks or something from this screwing?

Feel sorry for me dammit!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Maybe I do have issues.

No updates on the chop lately. Busy and just a bit frazzled.

So what do I do when I am not tweaking on the project? I go bike shopping!

Maybe I did get dropped on my head when I was a baby. Or it could be one toke too many, or perhaps my liver has begun to poison my bloodstream.

Right now I have a couple of leads on some late 70's early 80's KZ's. Both of them are projects, but not quite the project the chop is. Probably tags, carbs and all the other good things you have to replace on a bike that has sat around for too long.

I should be heading up to check one out tonight, not sure if the deal will pan out. But I will know more tonight. The price is very good, almost too good to pass up. It would get me on two wheels and save me a few bucks on gas. Plus the one tonight is the perfect candidate for a cafe treatment.

Hrmm. How many bikes does one man need? I am not too sure, though I guess I will find out.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Can I get a "Motherfuck!"?

It is true you can't keep a good man down.

But what many people don't know is that you can't keep this fucker down either.

I gotta keep my priorities straight right now. The bike is totally backburnered. Gonna be for an indefinite run from the looks of it. I don't have the extra outlay of green to put in it. Plus it looks like I am gonna need a change of venue.

Yep that's right. Off to see where else I can lay my head down and call home. Gotta find something with an extra room and maybe a little bit of greenery for the shop mutt.

So here is the plan as best as I know it now.

1. Gonna need some new digs. And preferably one that let's me keep animals. A 13 yr old animal, a 5 yr old animal, and a dog. You gotta wonder why people don't ask for deposits on kids...

2. Drag all my shit over to said new digs. Right now I have no idea where the wind is gonna blow. I may stay wherever I go for a while, I may have to roll out in a month's time. Shitty thing living in purgatory.

3. Save up some cash for the possibility that I will have to move again to another smaller place.

4. Pick up some kinda bike. I think I will see if I can find a shitty bike that is tagged and running. Hopefully road rashed and shot out. That way I can get it for dirt cheap. Slap on a coat of stickers and fill it up and run the wheels off. Anyone in So. Cal know where I can find one under a grand, better yet under 5 bills, let me know. I need a freeway bike though. If I worked closer to home I would get me a shitty little scooter, but 65 miles round trip on the freeway is a bit much to ask of one.

5. Then get back to the chop. I really do want it to live. But until I get life in overdrive figured out, I gotta put it on hold.

6. Try and get my nuts out of the vice grips they are clamped in and get back to living.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Long ride to work

As my last post mentioned, I had gotten to ride the 600RR to work for the tail end of last week. And most of the weekend before I returned the bike.

Yesterday I was down and didn't roll into work. So today was the first time since last Tuesday I have gone to work in a cage.

What a letdown. I mean really a letdown.

I roll out of town behind cars. Stop at the lights. Behind cars. I accelerate. Behind cars. I sat in traffic.

I have intimate knowledge of bumpers and their accompanying stickers. I know the differences between the Hyundai and Honda badges. I know the way sunlight glistens off a set of taillights. Oh fuck. An hour of staring ahead at the ass half of a car.

What a crappy way to get to work. Cars are so passive. Press gas pedal. Press brake pedal. Fuck with the radio and listen to the news.

Masturbation on wheels.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Not exactly on topic...

but it is an update of sorts.

Nope haven't worked on the bike. I am hoping to go this weekend while my boys are camping with the grandparents and maybe do a little work on it. But today is probably gonna be busy.

Ever had a week where you just have to ask yourself, "What the fuck did I do to deserve this?"

I thought so. Family stuff has brought the bike work to a screeching halt. No wait, not screeching. More like slammed face first into a block wall. So I have to get that stuff cleared up before I can even think about doing any real work on the Honda.

So Monday I missed a couple of hours of work because of that stuff. Called the boss and told him what was going on.

Tuesday I am rolling in early trying to win brownie points. When I am driving along the 60 and changing lanes, I hear a loud thud. My steering on the car gets heavy and begins to pull to the right. Yep a blowout. Well the section I am driving though has been under major construction for... well about fucking forever. So they have concrete barriers set up that block off the shoulder of the freeway. No pulling over. You can guess what I had to do. I kept hanging on until I made it past the barriers. Thump-a thump-a. Stop to a cloud of rubber smoke.

Step out of the car to get a look at this...


What you don't see now is the dent in the rim itself. Yep bashed up the rim. No fucking way to get a used tire mounted on the fucker as it was. So tire change was definitely in order. So up the car went on my shitty little scissor jack and off went the tire and rim.


Whatever I hit was tough enough to just slice right into the tread and the sidewall without a second thought. Damn.

The donut went on the car and as I set it down I realized that it was low on air. Very low. So fingers crossed and me praying to any God that might listen to me, I attempted to eased out on the freeway.

My suspicions have been confirmed once again. Your God hates me. Always has, always will. I am pretty sure that I am just around for the universe's sick amusement.

THUMP! Yep the tire lost its bead. Instant flat. Pull back over, get the jack and pull the rim. Luckily the gas station is only a mile or so away. Time to start hoofing it down the freeway. By the time I had returned with the tire and rim and got it back on to get to work, I was late, again.

I started making some calls to try and find a loaner car or someone with a Hyundai rim to get me through the week. No luck. But I got in touch with my ex-wife's uncle, who is a pretty cool guy. And he loans me this...


an '06 600RR. Now onto the review of the Honda 600RR.

I have only ridden 3 sportbikes. Ever. That is counting this one. And until this one, I had only taken a few miles here and there. See, I never cared for the monkey humping a football seating position. I just have always preferred standards and cruisers, shit like that.

But after three days of commuting this thing, I may have to change my opinions on them.

First thing, the seating position still sucks hairy, sweaty, balls. I hate that about it. But it isn't my back that began to ache. But instead my wrists from where I was putting so much weight on them. Once you hit 90, the wind will hold up some of my fat ass, but I still can't seem to bring myself to sleeping on the gas tank. So no fun for me there.

Buuuut. GODDAMN! This fucker is insanely fast. Like "hi I am sexy and I am gonna kill your stupid half-Korean ass and scatter you across the freeway in a massive bloody skid" fast. Since it is just a loaner, I have only taken it to 100mph. 100mph at 8k and a redline of 13.5k.

And splitting lanes? To quote OCC, "like buttuh." I am tootling between cars like I am cutting in line at lunch. I mean no thought at all. Point, aim, twist, bang. I am diving between mirrors bouncing on the bott dots at 45.

So maybe I will have to consider adding one of these after everything gets done on the chop. I like stupid fast. I like psycho ex-wives and girlfriends. And I like murderous motors strapped to a set of wheels.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Heat waves are fun.

It has been hot out here. I mean hot. Maybe not Arizona or Nevada hot, but definitely not exactly the sit in the sun and wrench kind of weather. It has been a consistent 105f+ around here for the last few days, 40c+ for anyone that uses that Metric system thing.

So most of the weekend has been just trying to stay out of direct sunlight and planning. I am currently trying to get my ducks in a row in regards to parts and such. Also the apartment has gotten a bit more crowded and I am not exactly as mobile as I was a couple of weeks ago. My boys and a little chew monster called Lucky have taken residence here. Nice to have the company, but not exactly as if I can just walk out and go do anything I feel like for as long as I wish.

Here is a shot of the new shop dog.

Cute little mutt of who knows what breed. Rarely barks. I heard him go off and bark at someone for the first time last night. A couple of kids were near the balcony last night while I was out back smoking. He watched and stared until they were about 5 feet away and of course 10 feet down from us and started to let them know just how displeased he was with their presence. It wouldn't bother me, if it wasn't for the fact that dogs are not supposed to be here. So I have to keep him quiet until we can move.

But now let's move onto the stuff that matters. Parts!


Look at this thing. Blasted and clean. I mean I will cure that soon enough with a nice layer of grease, oils and road tar. But it makes me feel almost bad for putting such nice parts on this rattle trap. Somehow I'll get over it.


And there are my "new" coils with 4 plug boots. Not sure if they will be better than the ones I currently have. But one thing for certain all the parts are there. So between this and the other set, I should be able to make at least one that will get me by for a while.

Last but definitely not least. My new-ish bars.


Doesn't black make everything look better? Now all I need to do is ditch that ugly looking throttle assembly.


I put the stock control on and figured I would paint it for the time being. But no way. It is too big and bulky and just plain ass ugly . So it is going into the round file. No deposit, no return. I found a MX throttle assembly in black for $15 that I like. Made for a 7/8" bar and with only a single cable. Hopefully it will work with what I have going on.

The next month or so I may be on the slow side with the updates. And probably not as much wrenching as I would like. At least not until I can get my living situation figured out and once settled in, I will hopefully get moving full speed again.

I have been thinking about the final colors on the bike. I had planned on doing the entire thing in black. Since it's readily available and also just because I like black. But with the red and white seat added to the mix, I have thought about using silver for the frame to offset the rest. I have absolutely no idea how it will turn out. But if I don't like it, I can always bomb it in another layer of black Krylon instead.

Another thing that has to wait. At least until I get the pipes cut for it and mounting tabs welded to the frame. Who knows what color will tickle my fancy by then.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

July 1st, 2007. Nothing accomplished.

Mostly truth.

My weekend didn't have much to do with bikes. Some personal stuff has cropped up that kept me from spending much of the weekend wrenching.

I did get the oil pan from Paladin333 on He mentioned that it came off of a blown motor. So you can guess what I expected to see what would come to me. Well I was absolutely wrong on that one. It was clean and had been bead blasted with all of the hardware in a bag. Talk about a pleasant surprise. It looks too nice to be stuck under the motor.

I also have a set of coils coming to me. I really need the boots more than anything, but I will mix and match it with what I have until I get a good set.

I did get a couple of hours on the bike, but failed to get any progress pics.

What I did get probably wouldn't have made much in the way of pictures anyhow. I have the clutch basket installed and partially tightened up. I need to get it finished the next time I am over.

I also put those bicycle seat springs on the solo seat. They sag a bit, but I believe that they will hold up my hindquarters. At least good enough for now. I may still have to upgrade to longer springs in the near future.

I have to send out some pieces to someone next week to possibly get them recreated for the girder. And I need to set outside and cut off the last of the remnant of the studs on the trees to weld new stuff back on.

Not sure how soon until there is a dose of noticeable progress on this thing. But I have my fingers crossed that it won't be too much longer.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's starting to look like something.

Alright, I hauled my tins over to my Pop's place and put them on the frame and took a pics.


Damn it is coming together piece by piece.

I snagged some seat springs off my sister's beach cruiser seat for a few hours just to see if they would work. And they hold up very well. Now to see if I can find a set cheap locally. Or even snag a seat at a yard sale.


I had sat on it fairly carefully. I did bounce it a bit and it held me up for a few of them. Then since the springs were just wedged under the seat, one had to ping off into the yard. But all in all they work well.


Now I need to figure out just how I am going to hold up the coils over the motor. I have a couple of ideas though.

And I did a bit more work on the girder parts. I am positive that I need a machinist now. All I have to do is come up with cash.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

If it wasn't for bad luck

Some days you wake up with with the Midas touch and other days you wind up being Midas in a alternate reality.

You know, the one where you touch anything and it turns to shit.

A few things went on yesterday. I shifted the mount back for the seat it will be aligned better with the seatpan area of the frame and also welded in some lower bungs for the springs. They are a bit wider at the frame side than at the seat. But I did that to keep the frame looking clean (cleaner?) than it would if I have mounted them out in perfect alignment.

Now I did get a wild hair and tried to make my own seat springs out of those hand exercisers. Which if I was about 40 pounds lighter might have worked better. As it was my ass flattened them out with out any movement left. And the second problem was that both were wound the same. So with the offset mounts the springs were binding up and causing troubles. Not really a big deal, I spent four dollars on them and had figured if they didn't work it wouldn't break the bank. Now I will have to go and buy a proper set and get them installed.

I also tried to repair the studs on my girder yesterday. And fucked them up. I had found some hardware that would be direct replacement in size and thread pitch for what I had to remove. But I got the bore off center and when I tried to force an alignment, I wound up knocking it off even further. So now my happy ass will have to take the whole thing off and start it from scratch. It is salvageable though. Thankfully it is salvageable.

After the morning of fabrication disappointment, I hauled the frame over to where the motor is being stored.

The frame repairs came out sweet. All the mounts are lining up perfect, but I may have found the reason for the cracked rails. It appears that there is about 1/8" of gap from the mounts to the motor. And when I received the bike, the previous owner had just sucked up the gap.So they basically pre-stressed the frame. Now granted this may have taken years to accomplish, but I doubt that it was helpful to the situation.

Now the final round of irritation. I had asked about something I had seen on the front of the engine. Now I have taken cursory looks at the motor. Basically to see if it was turning, had compression and to check the shifting and trans operation. I had never flipped it over to inspect the underbelly. From a side glance it looked good. Well I began to flip it around to get a good and close inspection of the oilpan... What the hell?! No oil pan. So I need an oil pan for the bastard.

But I do have a nice oil cooler riser for the motor. Too bad I am guaranteed to not be able to keep any oil inside.


An interesting set up for the cooler. It is an aluminum riser with a pressure valve on the outlet half of the filter and came with a threaded nipple and a nut that acts like a coupler. I didn't find any markings on it though. So no idea who made this little fella.



I had no plans on using an oil cooler. Mainly because I don't want to buy the cooler so maybe I will do as I have done with other pieces I have not wanted, trade them for the things I do. Or even hock it off and use the proceeds to purchase what I need.

Right now the motor and frame are hanging out with each other. And I have some pics to figure out pipe placement and such.

But look at this...


Talk about some serious width. That is a lot of motor. And as I keep looking at the bike, it is gonna be LOW. Four inches is not a lot of ground clearance. Depending on how that translates to riding fun, I may up my wheel sizes.


And I doubt that I am gonna have enough room to go with a 4-1 exhaust, so I will probably build 4-2 and split them to each side.


I was worried that the pipes would get in the way of the forwards. Now that I mounted a side to it, I realize I am gonna have enough space to route it under them.


Today if I have time after the Sunday chores I am going to take the tins down and fit them and get a few more pics of the bike and get a better idea on how it is going to look.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy fucking Father's Day.

To anyone with a little monster or two jumping around.

Me I made my own Father's Day gift. I finished up the frame.


The downtubes have been slugged and re-welded. Along with cross bars to replace those gussets that it did have. Thanks to Honda500Chopper on, I had measurements that I could use to pretty well make sure I won't have to re-slug it again.


Even got that mangled section at the bottom of the frame welded up and cleaned up. This is not easy work. Part of me began to think to myself "It would be a lot easier if I just cut the whole damn thing apart and began from scratch.


Here it is with my fancy kitchen spray bomb and the bates seat from Armuss. It definitely looks a lot more comfortable than sitting on the oil tank. I am debating about the mount for the front of the seat. I used the mount that was already there. It just looks like it is too far forward. So I may cut it and move it back and inch two. That can wait until I have all the pieces to mount the seat. Still need tabs and springs. For the pic I just used my handy block for metal working.


But I like that seat so far. The bike needed some color. I was talking with a guy that told me he could get a hold of some scrap tubing for my pipes from his work. Out of the cast off stuff of course. It would save some cash, considering I don't need much and all the places I've gone to, only sell them in full length runs.

It is getting close man. So close.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

You did what?!

I drank beer and fixed me some frame.

Lots of beer and lots of frame. Damn near 10 hours of it too.

I have it all together but the MIG decided to be a fuck and cause me some grief about halfway through the ordeal and once that was figured out I had lost some time. So tomorrow morning I will be back at it for an hour or so to get the finishing touches on it.

But for some other good news I do have pics of.

My seat came in today. Looks pretty sweet too. It will be the only color other than black on the entire bike.


Tomorrow I am gonna take it with me and get it situated on the frame some.

And I also picked up a new jockey shift knob.


Yesiree, I am gonna be fucking showing how much class I has got. Schlitz my friend. It may be cheap, it may be nasty, but it is good old American swill. And I think I will use this rather than the golf club. Maybe I will relegate the golf club to horn duty. BAM!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Good news, good news.

I got me some steel today!

Been dreading the hit to the wallet. Which has held me off from going and buying the stuff I need for the frame. But today I figured, "what the hell" and rolled over to a place nearby called KH Metals. Yeah I am plugging them. People were decent and I got my steel at $0.90 a lb. Granted that was out of the cast off pile. Though I got a good single piece that will be more than long enough for the repairs, so long as I don't screw it up. So thinking that I was going to be spending a lot more, I got out of there with a $4 investment.

Mind you, it could get easy to shell out a lot of cash there. Damn sticks of DOM, cleaned up gussets and tabs from cold rolled steel. On and on.

But as I was tooling around the aisles I found some of their cheapie tabs that will be perfect for mounting my pipes to the frame. So I will head back there soon.

There is also a machinist across the street from the supply place and I wandered in to see about getting my headstock machined. Seventy an hour is the shop rate, so I may have to wait on that for a few weeks, but I will take the pieces over next week and get a guesstimate on the work.

So I will try and get the pieces ready and if I get real adventurous I will try and repair the frame this weekend too. Hell if I get that frame done, it will be a bitchin' Father's Day gift for me.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I actually finished something???

Yes I did. And god damn does it feel good.

Tonight I finally got some grinder and welder time and cut up the cluster fucked mount I had made last week. I'll be honest, there is nothing like fucking something up to just take all the enjoyment right out of making stuff. I really had no motivation to even get onto the bike this weekend. So I cleaned up around here and drank beer.

But out of a sense of guilt and duty, I took the entire frame and mount to where I have been welding up this thing lately and got to work. Off went the old MIG weld for the mount bolts, and I took the heads off the carriage bolts that I had welded in. After I got that done I pulled out the gas rig and got to work.


Me, the torch, and a hammer started getting everything tweaked back into place. A tack weld, smack it around some with the hammer to get it back in alignment, and another tack.


After a bit I had both bolts in well enough to get them welded up and level. After the cool down I measured the bracket under the tank and pulled out the trusty MIG. A few welds later I had one simple and clean mount under the tunnel. The bolts are just barely visible from the side. I am not planning on cutting them off until I get everything mounted. I am thinking these will be perfect to hang the coils off of. Or perhaps to hold brackets for wiring. After I get situated, I will trim them to fit.


Right now it is out on the patio coated in a thin layer of black primer and waiting for a heavier coat tomorrow.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Where is progress when you need it?

There are times I wonder where the hell did the saying "money isn't everything" come from. Surely didn't come from a broke fuck like myself.

I had hoped to get that mount bar cleaned up this week, but it never happened. I have pulled hours on a side gig pretty much all week. The money will be very welcome and is definitely needed. But man, it sucks when you can't turn it away. Well I guess I could turn it away, but that would be a stupid decision.

I guess I could take screenshots of the computers I have been messing with for the last few days, but that isn't the purpose of this blog.

So updates will probably come next Monday. I am aiming for a relatively relaxed weekend of screwing around on the tank and trying to get most of it ready for some welder time. And maybe if the deities smile down on me, I can actually keep some of the cash I earned this week.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Damned long way to go.

I ran around last week and got a couple things done on the tank. But it is far from done.

Since I don't have a reserve petcock on the bike, I decided to make one of the side gauges out of clear tubing. Plus I like the way they look.


There is my little helper. He had to be part of this photo set, so I put him to work.


I also picked up the copper 90s from an Ace hardware. Those places are great for just about anything if you have some imagination.

So the top fitting was made from a galvanized reducer fitting I found. I took it and chopped most of the bell off and then cleaned off the galv from the fitting itself. Drilled the tank and welded it to the top of the tank. Perhaps someone is asking why I used a reducer when they also make couplers that would require less clean up. Honest fact it was $1.50 difference in price between the reducer and the coupler.

I wonder why the hell it would cost more for a straight section that is threaded all the way through, rather than the cast and tapered part. But there must be a logic to it.

Next week I am gonna try and get the mount set up. I did weld and twist the flat stock up, but it came out like crap. I am not happy with it at all. Granted it is gonna be hidden. But lopsided is not the effect I was looking for. Plus with the way it is twisted I am certain that it will make this a royal pain to get mounted under the tank properly. So I need to run the entire frame out to where I have been welding and get the welds and the steel cleaned up. And mount it while I have the frame for reference.

Hopefully I will get onto that Monday or Tuesday night.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Making a steel whistle.

No not really.

I did start drilling for the slugs. I know they need to be made, so might as well do it now.


The next one is a bit blurry, but you can see what I am doing.


This is the first time I have done this type of repair on a frame, so anyone that sees where I could go wrong with this let me know. I saw a post on that showed using slits instead of holes to make shifting the slug around better. Of course that was after I drilled the holes.

I was concerned a bit about twisting so I drilled the holes at different distances 45 degrees from each other. Hope that no matter how it is twisted there would be something to help counter-balance the force.


Next thing I did was begin prepping for the tank mounts. I had originally thought about using the same style of mounts I had cut off the tank, but changed my mind and devised a new plan. Hopefully not an extremely stupid one. But a plan nonetheless.


1" flat stock drilled for bolts. I am going to weld the bolts onto this and clean it all up to be smooth. Before I do that, I need to get to work with a hammer to get a decent arc on the steel to follow the arc of the backbone tubing better. Then I will weld long bolts and cut them to length.


Then it will be welded into the the tunnel of the tank. After the edges and arc has been cleaned up.


Then I will use a strip of rubber to dampen the shakes and slide it down through the bar and I know where I can get some killer chrome spike nuts to tighten it all down.

And if I fuck it up. I guess I will fill it back up and then buy a sportster tank to get me by.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Let me down easy, OK?

I was tromping around at the office yesterday when my cell begins buzzing at me.

Text message.

Hmm, did I go over on my minutes? Someone telling me that they are watching me pick my nose from behind the dumpster? Did another creditor find me?

Nope, none of the above.

A buddy of mine has been keeping an eye out for anyone with old 750 parts and such. Looky looky, a picture message. Hot damn the tell-tale signs of a SOHC with a Windjammer on it. Alright where is this place, and how much do they want for it?

So after work and a couple of quick errands I swing by the shop where the bike is sitting. First thing I notice is a wood wagon that has a wicked looking set of super tall tires and wheels with small block sticking off the nose. Now this is my kind of place.

I met up with the owner of the shop, began talking to him about the bikes in the back there, and he takes to where they are sitting. Past a 50's Buick lowrider, a couple of Model A and T's and piles of VW parts and enough stuff to be a gearhead's wet dream.

There she was. Definitely an early SOHC, looks complete too with an intact Windjammer on it. Last registered in '97. Maybe it has fallen off the books? Tank, fenders, carbs, everything but the seat. Then I start checking it out a bit closer...




Saturday, May 19, 2007

I think I will call it a gas tank

Hell yeah!


I think it will hold gas now. Well I hope so.


All of the welds this time was done with Oxy-Acetylene on an old Victor torch with a 0 tip. It has been a lot of years since I have welded this way. And it took me some time until I could get my hands to steady themselves again. But I like the slower pace of a gas weld. I could see just how each section was going to lay and also push my filler around a bit longer than I could with the MIG.


I bit the bullet and picked up a flap disk and after I welded the tank up I began to go over the tank. Pulled off the primer I had on it and also smoothed off the gouges that I put in when I pulled off the old paint and filler.


I still need to get the pipe under it for mounting to the frame, but all in all it is nice to get something pretty well finished.

I am gonna go over the welds with a wire wheel, but otherwise they are going to be right out in the open for anyone to critique. And for me to tell them to fuck off.

Goes great with beer.

I saw this a while back and had to find it and post it up here.


It sure does hit the spot.

I was able to get a piece of patch steel from what I chopped off my fender that will fill the opening of my tank. So today I am gonna go and get the tank ground down and get the panel worked into a decently acceptable shape.

Pics later tonight.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Coming together.

So after a round of bull shit from the ex this morning, I called in sick this a.m.

So once that was cleared up, I had lost two hours of work and figured might as well stay home and work on other stuff. So MGD and fucitol started up at 9 this morning.

I cleaned up some of the apt. and began to wrench.

But last night I got this done


Gaskets are ready to roll. I made the openings for the bolts with a couple of good drill bits, a copy of the Horse and some cussedness. I think the editors of the Horse would be proud of me. I mean what better use for a 4 month old magazine of "backstreet choppers?"


But here is how she is gonna sit. I like the way it is gonna come out. Then again, I have been on a beer diet most of the day. So I may change my mind in the morning once I am a bit more sober.

Come on, come on. I need to roll.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


More work has been done. I ground the fill welds off the frame and the fill welds off the fender.

As I ground it down, I noticed things I still didn't like. Spots where things were not as clean as I wanted. And sections of the fender that need a lot of work.

But as I go through each weekend. Welding, scrounging, begging and trading. I have realized that I just don't care. I know this bike is gonna be low-rent, just like its owner. It is going to be of questionable quality. It is going to be a mass of imperfections. And I don't care. I want it to go and take me places. When I am in a better spot I'll worry about something that looks nice. Right now, I want to be in the wind. I want to blow out some miles.

I did have a lot of plans for this ride. It just looks like the world around me has some other plans for my near future. Well FTW, I am gonna win for once and get my damned way. And the only thing that will stop me from riding this thing will be the CHP and possibly lane changing soccer moms on cell phones.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Keeping the oil where it belongs. Mini update.


They look so good together. And I am feeling like a proud papa right now. Three handmade gaskets, and they aren't totally screwed up.

I had the remnants of some gasket material that I picked up a while back for carb base gaskets on my Corvair. And since a Rochester is maybe 2x2 in size, I had plenty left over.


As you can see they aren't done quite yet. But There is not much to it. I want to see if I can find something that will help me cut openings for the bolts. But it will be detailed work. Something best when there aren't little people bugging you for entertainment.


I am also sure I have more material than I should in a few spots. But it is easier to remove, than add. So I can trim it to fit, piece by piece.

I still need some of the rubber seals for the shifter and kick starter arms.

Tomorrow I will be on a grinder for a couple of hours. Hopefully I can make a good dent in getting the frame cleaned up.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Melting metal

Yesterday I realized two things.

1. My welding skills have gone down the tubes in the last few years.

2. Welding tans hurt.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. You should probably avoid doing stitch welding without a hood. Right now my face feels like the skin has been run over 80 grit sandpaper. But I did get some basic things done yesterday.

Since I am in a hurry to get back on the road, I decided against going too custom on the tunnel of the tank. I had planned to get some steel and redo the entire tunnel area and make it a bit slimmer and also raise the tank up an inch or so. But yesterday I decided to instead use my old tunnel, raise it up an inch and then fill the empty area.


This should get the nose up a bit higher, add a few miles to my range, and was relatively easy to do.


Plus it doesn't look half bad on the frame. Not noticeably higher, but I know it has been changed. Once I get the front patch ready for it, I will spot it in and the grind the weld and go back over it using gas. Which I do believe is a much better way to weld up sheet metal if you don't have a TIG welder.

I also filled the holes in the fender. Now I need to grind and finish it. Now considering I can always grind off metal at the apartment, but can't get a welder in there, I left the welds on to finish at my leisure. And the neighbors displeasure.


It took me a while to dial in the welder and get the gas set up just right for what I was doing too. It was set up for much heavier materials than what I was welding and I am rusty enough that it took much longer than it would have to get it set right. And since I have yet to get the material I need to replace the bad areas of the frame I instead went about getting some of the uglier spots fill in properly.




I still need to get a relatively fine grit flap disk to get everything looking smooth, But now at least I don't have the low spots and crappy repairs to look at. Because I am gonna hide my crappy welds.

Since I was allowed to use the welder at the graciousness of an ex-in-law, I was trying to hurry some. So you can see below where I welded a tab in for the fender mount. It is not center, but again, it is easier to remove metal than it is to add it. So I figure I will get an idea on the exact shape and size of the tab figured out and clean it up accordingly.


I know I could use some new socks too, but no one normally sees them.

I have also gotten the girder arms primered up and ready for a layer of cheap paint. I guess it is a Fury girder. Too bad between the P.O.'s mess ups along with my own and some basic neglect, I am not going to have it in stock shape.


And I also scrubbed out my side cases on the motor. I think it is probably best not to say exactly how.


Still a long way to go. I really need to get the frame together and the motor installed. Since I plan on going jockey shift I need to get the clutch set up and also the shift arm. Still a lot more to get done than I had originally hoped for.