Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's starting to look like something.

Alright, I hauled my tins over to my Pop's place and put them on the frame and took a pics.


Damn it is coming together piece by piece.

I snagged some seat springs off my sister's beach cruiser seat for a few hours just to see if they would work. And they hold up very well. Now to see if I can find a set cheap locally. Or even snag a seat at a yard sale.


I had sat on it fairly carefully. I did bounce it a bit and it held me up for a few of them. Then since the springs were just wedged under the seat, one had to ping off into the yard. But all in all they work well.


Now I need to figure out just how I am going to hold up the coils over the motor. I have a couple of ideas though.

And I did a bit more work on the girder parts. I am positive that I need a machinist now. All I have to do is come up with cash.

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fs said...

Hey Shroom!

It's looking awesome. I love the paint job and the seat. What are you going to do with the frame?