Sunday, July 01, 2007

July 1st, 2007. Nothing accomplished.

Mostly truth.

My weekend didn't have much to do with bikes. Some personal stuff has cropped up that kept me from spending much of the weekend wrenching.

I did get the oil pan from Paladin333 on He mentioned that it came off of a blown motor. So you can guess what I expected to see what would come to me. Well I was absolutely wrong on that one. It was clean and had been bead blasted with all of the hardware in a bag. Talk about a pleasant surprise. It looks too nice to be stuck under the motor.

I also have a set of coils coming to me. I really need the boots more than anything, but I will mix and match it with what I have until I get a good set.

I did get a couple of hours on the bike, but failed to get any progress pics.

What I did get probably wouldn't have made much in the way of pictures anyhow. I have the clutch basket installed and partially tightened up. I need to get it finished the next time I am over.

I also put those bicycle seat springs on the solo seat. They sag a bit, but I believe that they will hold up my hindquarters. At least good enough for now. I may still have to upgrade to longer springs in the near future.

I have to send out some pieces to someone next week to possibly get them recreated for the girder. And I need to set outside and cut off the last of the remnant of the studs on the trees to weld new stuff back on.

Not sure how soon until there is a dose of noticeable progress on this thing. But I have my fingers crossed that it won't be too much longer.

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