Saturday, July 21, 2007

Not exactly on topic...

but it is an update of sorts.

Nope haven't worked on the bike. I am hoping to go this weekend while my boys are camping with the grandparents and maybe do a little work on it. But today is probably gonna be busy.

Ever had a week where you just have to ask yourself, "What the fuck did I do to deserve this?"

I thought so. Family stuff has brought the bike work to a screeching halt. No wait, not screeching. More like slammed face first into a block wall. So I have to get that stuff cleared up before I can even think about doing any real work on the Honda.

So Monday I missed a couple of hours of work because of that stuff. Called the boss and told him what was going on.

Tuesday I am rolling in early trying to win brownie points. When I am driving along the 60 and changing lanes, I hear a loud thud. My steering on the car gets heavy and begins to pull to the right. Yep a blowout. Well the section I am driving though has been under major construction for... well about fucking forever. So they have concrete barriers set up that block off the shoulder of the freeway. No pulling over. You can guess what I had to do. I kept hanging on until I made it past the barriers. Thump-a thump-a. Stop to a cloud of rubber smoke.

Step out of the car to get a look at this...


What you don't see now is the dent in the rim itself. Yep bashed up the rim. No fucking way to get a used tire mounted on the fucker as it was. So tire change was definitely in order. So up the car went on my shitty little scissor jack and off went the tire and rim.


Whatever I hit was tough enough to just slice right into the tread and the sidewall without a second thought. Damn.

The donut went on the car and as I set it down I realized that it was low on air. Very low. So fingers crossed and me praying to any God that might listen to me, I attempted to eased out on the freeway.

My suspicions have been confirmed once again. Your God hates me. Always has, always will. I am pretty sure that I am just around for the universe's sick amusement.

THUMP! Yep the tire lost its bead. Instant flat. Pull back over, get the jack and pull the rim. Luckily the gas station is only a mile or so away. Time to start hoofing it down the freeway. By the time I had returned with the tire and rim and got it back on to get to work, I was late, again.

I started making some calls to try and find a loaner car or someone with a Hyundai rim to get me through the week. No luck. But I got in touch with my ex-wife's uncle, who is a pretty cool guy. And he loans me this...


an '06 600RR. Now onto the review of the Honda 600RR.

I have only ridden 3 sportbikes. Ever. That is counting this one. And until this one, I had only taken a few miles here and there. See, I never cared for the monkey humping a football seating position. I just have always preferred standards and cruisers, shit like that.

But after three days of commuting this thing, I may have to change my opinions on them.

First thing, the seating position still sucks hairy, sweaty, balls. I hate that about it. But it isn't my back that began to ache. But instead my wrists from where I was putting so much weight on them. Once you hit 90, the wind will hold up some of my fat ass, but I still can't seem to bring myself to sleeping on the gas tank. So no fun for me there.

Buuuut. GODDAMN! This fucker is insanely fast. Like "hi I am sexy and I am gonna kill your stupid half-Korean ass and scatter you across the freeway in a massive bloody skid" fast. Since it is just a loaner, I have only taken it to 100mph. 100mph at 8k and a redline of 13.5k.

And splitting lanes? To quote OCC, "like buttuh." I am tootling between cars like I am cutting in line at lunch. I mean no thought at all. Point, aim, twist, bang. I am diving between mirrors bouncing on the bott dots at 45.

So maybe I will have to consider adding one of these after everything gets done on the chop. I like stupid fast. I like psycho ex-wives and girlfriends. And I like murderous motors strapped to a set of wheels.

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