Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whaddya want? A rubber biscuit??

OK. Nothing of any significance to post ATM. But here is the news of late.

Site has been redesigned some. A color change, a header change, and I decided to add a couple of shirts through Just look at the link to the right. ->

You know part of me is tempted to be the foul mouthed version of the Video Professor. "Buy my fuckin' shit, please."

T didn't get the job in Arizona. Can't say that I am distraught about it. It sucks she lost her work because she had to work for a pack of two-bit swindlers. Two weeks and she still hasn't gotten the vacation pay one of the owners ( Richard Paul Evans ) promised her. Yeah some religious do-gooder fuck. He has a ranch, a BMW, and can fly his happy, over-coiffed ass all over the place. But won't foot the bill for a few weeks of vacation pay. I guess you don't get to be a millionaire without fucking over someone along the way.

But anyway. Got a couple of hopeful interviews in the pipelines, just trying to get it all finished up. Fingers crossed I can do these people some justice.

I picked up a little side job for a few bucks. Looking pretty long term. So that is keeping my evenings full also. And last week I just finished my finals for two classes i was doing. This next round of classes put me at one year. One year! Who the hell would have thought I would get this far? I sure didn't.

Plus the four of us are moving. So on the first I will be in some new digs. I will post up some pictures when we get the place cleaned up. We worked a deal to paint and clean up and in exchange it will cover our pet deposit and first months rent! w00t!! So the next couple of weeks are gonna be pretty well insane.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Heeerrre's Jay!

As I mentioned in my last post. I had something minor up my sleeve. Well I guess it is major for this blog.

With all the goings on with me and my build, I have a bit of downtime and too broke to buy tools time. So I started thinking bout what to do here.

I have posted some YouTube shit. But really I figure that is mostly for people that haven't got a single thing to say. And me? I always got an opinion or something stupid to say.

So in a flash of brilliance, I figure that I would show someone else's stuff here. I know, not really anything new. There are tons of blogs that send out interview questions to other people.

Well, here is my twist.

See I know everyone wants to suck on the teat of some guy that has been building works of H-D art in their shop for the last 25 years. The poor unrecognized soul that has won awards but can't leap that fence to make them the next OCC or WCC. That is not my goal. I am not looking for the one we admire because of all their innate skills and the masterpieces they have created, while "Keeping it real, man."

These posts will be of regular folk. That have done good quality work. Maybe it was their first bike. Maybe it has been a long trend. But these are low-buck beauties that have something special. I am not talking about some piece of shit that a guy took a can of Krylon to, and tossed on a set of ape hangers and then called it a bobber. I am not talking about the schmuck that tossed a set of dirtbike bars on their Yamaha 250 and now is calling it a cafe racer.

These will (hopefully) people that have brought back to life a killer bike, or have made something unique all on their own. People that had limited experience on bikes, that tossed a bunch of work or luck into the mix and made something to make the rest of us broke fuckers want to be half as good.

Plus, these will not be Harley and Brit bikes. There are already people doing a much better job at that market than I ever could. So I will stick to our rice burning and bastard child brands.

So here is the first installment.

This here is JaySco from and his resurrected Denver's CB750. I got to see this bike while it was still in pieces in his garage back in California. I had just picked up my project and was prowling for anyone that had any old crap to give away to a broke ass divorced fuck. And Jay, without ever actually meeting me, invited me to his house and gave me a few odds and ends to help me along. Plus I got a coffee can to put some shit into as well. Talk about one quality guy. And I am damn glad I got to meet him before I shipped out to the land of Moroni.

But enough of my shit. Time to let JaySco speak for himself.

How long have you been riding motorcycles for? Street and dirt.
Didn't ride really until about a year and a half ago. The Denvers Chop is my first bike. Had a quad for a couple years a while back.

What made you want to take on this project? Basically, what made you say to yourself, "I can do this or I can at least give it a shot"?
Money. I wanted a bike but didn't have the cash to shell out for a new fancy one with the kids, mortgage, blah blah. Buddy of mine had the roller and was low on funds so I got an almost complete bike for $1000. Figured I'm a fast learner and have a little mechanical and electrical knowledge, why not give it a shot.

How did you find the bike, and what is its history?
The bike belonged to a brother of a friend of a friend (yup, one of those stories), anywho, dude had it since it was new as far as I know and my buddy tried getting it for years cuz it was just sitting there getting raped by the local tweakers. So my buddy gets it and comes up on hard times about a year later, so I pick it up and thats that. I didn't realize exactly what it was till I started asking questiond and posting pics on the net.

Any horror stories on the build itself?
It went surprisingly smooth, like I said the bike was almost complete so I didn't need to do any major work. Just a basic tear down/rebuild because it had been sitting for 15+ years. All the major stuff was there (frame, motor, front end, tins), I just needed to sort out the little odds and ends (all the electrical, cables, etc.). Even the SPCN inspection at the CHP went good, from what I hear that is a rare situation.

What kind of tools and equipment did you have access to?
Just basic hand tools and power tools at home, had access to a drill press and welders at work. Luckily that's all I needed.

Do you have any tips for someone else thinking of taking on the same kind of project?
When you say "tips", are you asking for a donation? Pay close attention to everything, check welds on the frame (I didn't), inspect the motor closely (I didn't), take lots of pics and keep everything organized (I didn't). Do it right, not like I did it. This was my first bike and first build, luckily I'm a lucky SOB. I plan on stripping it and doing it up right in the future.

What are you working on now?
I have a stock 1978 cb750F that I am working on as time and cash allow (see 3 kids+wife+mortgage above), plans are to hardtail with a little rear stretch and drop.....hell thats about it. just want to ride it. Also have a Suzuki dirt bike that was the first bike I ever rode twenty-something years ago. Little 70's 2 stroke thing.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

We got somethin' special (ed) for you.

That's right boy and girl. I have something in the works, hopefully here very soon. Just keep an eye on this space. Soon you should see a nice new piece in my hopelessly inane style.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Here (For Now)

For anyone that also knows me from other boards, I was asking about the lay of the land in Arizona.

T was interviewing with the people that just bought out her company, and it was looking pretty good. Well not sure what happened, but they decided not to hire her on. Probably not wanting to deal with paying her benefits and such. (They were a start-up)

Anyway, it had put the Honda on hold. But since it looks like we are sticking around for a bit longer, I will be getting out in the garage again to keep on dismantling things. So depending on the finances over the next few months, hopefully there will be a bit of progress.

Been listening to some Psychedelic Furs and Love Spit Love lately, so I will leave you with something from YouTube.