Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whaddya want? A rubber biscuit??

OK. Nothing of any significance to post ATM. But here is the news of late.

Site has been redesigned some. A color change, a header change, and I decided to add a couple of shirts through Just look at the link to the right. ->

You know part of me is tempted to be the foul mouthed version of the Video Professor. "Buy my fuckin' shit, please."

T didn't get the job in Arizona. Can't say that I am distraught about it. It sucks she lost her work because she had to work for a pack of two-bit swindlers. Two weeks and she still hasn't gotten the vacation pay one of the owners ( Richard Paul Evans ) promised her. Yeah some religious do-gooder fuck. He has a ranch, a BMW, and can fly his happy, over-coiffed ass all over the place. But won't foot the bill for a few weeks of vacation pay. I guess you don't get to be a millionaire without fucking over someone along the way.

But anyway. Got a couple of hopeful interviews in the pipelines, just trying to get it all finished up. Fingers crossed I can do these people some justice.

I picked up a little side job for a few bucks. Looking pretty long term. So that is keeping my evenings full also. And last week I just finished my finals for two classes i was doing. This next round of classes put me at one year. One year! Who the hell would have thought I would get this far? I sure didn't.

Plus the four of us are moving. So on the first I will be in some new digs. I will post up some pictures when we get the place cleaned up. We worked a deal to paint and clean up and in exchange it will cover our pet deposit and first months rent! w00t!! So the next couple of weeks are gonna be pretty well insane.

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