Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We are moved!

So we have honestly been moved for a couple of weeks, but I am just now getting back in the groove.

With getting the new digs ready, packing, unpacking, getting the Intarwebs going and then catching back up with class and work, I just didn't want to be arsed with the blog.

So let's talk about the house.

Here's where we started.


Sadly enough the previous tenants were evicted, so while the place wasn't destroyed, it looks like they did get to the point of I.D.G.A.F. So the place stank of animal, and we aren't talking about the smell of dog and cat bodies, but the stench of dog urine and such. And grubby kid marks and crap like that.

And some paint and a *lot* of carpet cleaning later, we had this...


Now, I can't take any credit for this stuff. It was honestly 90% T's work. I would come after work and do what painting and cleaning I could. But since she is home for right now, she was able to do all the major shit during the day while the boys were at school and I was in the basement. Honestly, if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have finished in time.

So where does that leave us? Well it's bigger for starters. About twice the size of the last place. The garage is a bit larger and I now have a shed to store the stuff that isn't being worked on right at the moment.

Unfortunately, the garage still has junk laying around from the move. Some goes to the basement, other stuff goes to the shed. And I will get on it soon. We still have a bunch of yard work left to do before the season totally changes, but it is getting nicer in that respect also.

This is from last week.

I swear I have cleaned up some since then. It still isn't clean enough to park a car. But soon. Mainly because winter will be here soon and my ass is not going out into the snow to warm up my car. Hell no.

So I am still trying to get stuff situated, but hopefully I will get it done here soon and get back on task.

And I will leave with the view from my smoking section.
The big picture.

And the blog picture.


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