Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting settled in.

It's bigger, it's taller, it's SUBURBIA!!!
Out Front

That's right, I am in the "heartland." Social conservatives surround me. I am surprised that I don't go into hives. Never did understand those people. I mean really, let's go over this thing.

Let's make God worship a national law.
Let's rewrite the Constitution to exclude the gays from marriage.
Let's tell women what to do with their bodies.
Let's let the CIA and NSA tape and spy on anyone they wish.

But we want less government....


Forgive me if I am a little confused.

It's only a few weeks until election time and you can probably guess that I am not voting Republican. Now here is the sad part. I spent the last decade registered as a Libertarian. I recently re-registered for Utah and changed over to an Independent. Which means that I fucking hate them all. But I will pick whatever S.O.B. doesn't totally disgust me. And I also won't feel a lick of guilt voting against a rat-bastard that has gone from someone that I would have cheered all the way to the White House 8 years ago, to being some type of pandering elephant cock-sucker.

Too bad I am not exactly energized about the other one either. But at least I don't get a "I have been touched where my bathing suit goes" kind of nasty feeling from that one.

Here's the thing. I am a FISCAL conservative. I don't want them wasting my money. I don't want them letting our jobs go away. I don't want crap from China to replace American made crap. But I don't give a rat's ass what you do. Just don't do it to children, the unwilling, or me. Maybe I am wrong, but isn't that what freedom should really mean?

Ah well, fuck it.


So T has been gone since Wednesday. And Her little one went to visit relatives in Cali. So it has been me and my boy hanging out for the last few days. Now I love my boy, but this really has been the first time in the last year that I haven't been around T. So needless to say, I am a touch on the stir-crazy side. But she will be home in a couple of days. And the boy is also gonna be back in a couple of days. So we will return to normal, abnormal.

On to the good stuff - The Garage!!

Can we get a fuck yeah?


Yeah I got me a spot in the garage. That used to be our office desk, but it won't fit down the stairs to the basement. So it stayed upstairs. And we didn't need it inside, so I figured that since I needed a work bench that it would stay in the garage.



There is still a lot of clean up to make the garage really usable. But I am making a dent. I pulled a couple of the studs out of the engine today, but still have a lot to do. But I will be back out there cleaning and getting things in order.

And what doesn't fit in the garage. Goes to the shed!!


Sweet to have the storage. I am just diggin on this place. Plus I really don't feel like packing again anytime soon.

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