Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The ultimatum.

That's right. T put her foot down last night about having pieces of a motorcycle in our carport.

Last night we were in the bedroom talking and she says to me. "I want you to get the motorcycle finished by spring. Right now it's winter, so it's not a big deal, but you need to get it running by spring."

Now how fucking cool is that?

Come on guys. We all are familiar with the girls that give you a ration of shit about dicking around on projects. "Every Saturday you are working on that damn (insert big boy toy of the moment) why can't you pay attention to me?!" Or the slightly luckier guys might get,"I don't give a damn about it, just don't waste all our money on it, or I am going back home to mother." Not mine. She tells me directly to get off my ass and to start working on it again.

Of course I aim to please. That is if I can get off my lazy, ever widening ass and do something about it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time flies when you're having... fun?

I just realized that I have been on this little journey for over a year now. December of 2006 this hunk of Japanese aluminum and American steel came into my life. And what a strange journey the chop has taken.

Starting (supposedly) from Arizona. To camping outside the garage of a group of people that believe they are living with the second coming of Jesus. Really, they do. I cannot make this kind of shit up. Then being hauled over to my Pop's house and camping out on the back patio. To being hauled over to my one bedroom apartment and taking up a lot of space in my kitchen. Then back to Pop's for a few months before brining it over to my new digs and placing it gently in my carport.

No one told me it would be easy. Actually I think most people have said I am fucking nuts. All the while with a look of envy. Funny how that seems to be. I get these guys telling me I am more or less a nutjob for taking this task on and then doing the 20 questions bit about the entire build. Occasionally getting a hold of me just to see where I am at on it.

Yeah I have been both fanatical about building and completely lazy about even stepping out to look at it. I have weaseled every piece I could, and now I am at the point where I am trying to set aside green to buy stuff for it. I have busted knuckles, stayed up late, fantasied and ignored this bikes existence. All the while adamant that I will get it back on the road.

So where does that put me now? Guess it is time to get back to work on it. I have no excuses. I am only working one job at a time. It is starting to stay light out past five. My girl is all for me messing with it in my spare time. Though she says the sissy bar looks ghetto. But I am still keeping it. And I have all my parts right here.

Now it is time to try and get off my lazy ass and start buttoning it back up to see what stuff I have to get for it. I am going to start hauling out the parts in my kitchen closet/laundry nook out to the carport this weekend. It is time to get it all nearby. Of course it is also in some small part due to fact T brought all her stuff over and we need to find homes for it all. And carburetors in the kitchen, while giving me a hardcore biker fanatic credentials, is not really the proper place.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome to your new home.

So yesterday afternoon, I brought an old member of the family home to stay. That's right, I finally got off my (heavier, post-holiday) ass and picked up the Honda. T was kind enough to let me sully up the back of her Jeep (with leather, even) to get it. Perhaps she didn't realize just how dirty this thing really is. Or maybe she kinda likes me.

No matter, I did make sure to lay out my over shirt to keep any grime from being left in there.


There she is. All nice and cozy in the back. Awww. It just makes me feel like a proud papa. Well, not really. But it is nice to get this near me.


Off to the left is T's hand. She made me promise not to upload any pics of her. I did try to get her to pose on the pile of motorcycle parts for me, but she just wasn't having any of it. Damn.


So I had help getting the pieces of the Honda in the Jeep, but pulled it out solo. T offered to help, but she does have a bad back and anyway, I need to prove that for the extra inches around the waist and my computer job. I am still a M-A-N.

That was not the brightest thing to do, but I never said I was really that sharp anyhow.

CB750 engines are heavy. Very. Heavy.

What's next? Well, I need to get the neck measurements off the neck and see what kind of the neck my frame was made with. I am debating about whether or not I should really bother trying to salvage the girder. It will require a lot of patience and welding and machining. And of course time and money. If I buy something that is in better shape, I may just need money. Plus I still need to get some pipes cut for it and the intake and the wiring and the tires, and, and, and.

Someday it will get finished.