Saturday, June 16, 2007

You did what?!

I drank beer and fixed me some frame.

Lots of beer and lots of frame. Damn near 10 hours of it too.

I have it all together but the MIG decided to be a fuck and cause me some grief about halfway through the ordeal and once that was figured out I had lost some time. So tomorrow morning I will be back at it for an hour or so to get the finishing touches on it.

But for some other good news I do have pics of.

My seat came in today. Looks pretty sweet too. It will be the only color other than black on the entire bike.


Tomorrow I am gonna take it with me and get it situated on the frame some.

And I also picked up a new jockey shift knob.


Yesiree, I am gonna be fucking showing how much class I has got. Schlitz my friend. It may be cheap, it may be nasty, but it is good old American swill. And I think I will use this rather than the golf club. Maybe I will relegate the golf club to horn duty. BAM!

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