Monday, June 11, 2007

I actually finished something???

Yes I did. And god damn does it feel good.

Tonight I finally got some grinder and welder time and cut up the cluster fucked mount I had made last week. I'll be honest, there is nothing like fucking something up to just take all the enjoyment right out of making stuff. I really had no motivation to even get onto the bike this weekend. So I cleaned up around here and drank beer.

But out of a sense of guilt and duty, I took the entire frame and mount to where I have been welding up this thing lately and got to work. Off went the old MIG weld for the mount bolts, and I took the heads off the carriage bolts that I had welded in. After I got that done I pulled out the gas rig and got to work.


Me, the torch, and a hammer started getting everything tweaked back into place. A tack weld, smack it around some with the hammer to get it back in alignment, and another tack.


After a bit I had both bolts in well enough to get them welded up and level. After the cool down I measured the bracket under the tank and pulled out the trusty MIG. A few welds later I had one simple and clean mount under the tunnel. The bolts are just barely visible from the side. I am not planning on cutting them off until I get everything mounted. I am thinking these will be perfect to hang the coils off of. Or perhaps to hold brackets for wiring. After I get situated, I will trim them to fit.


Right now it is out on the patio coated in a thin layer of black primer and waiting for a heavier coat tomorrow.

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