Friday, June 15, 2007

Good news, good news.

I got me some steel today!

Been dreading the hit to the wallet. Which has held me off from going and buying the stuff I need for the frame. But today I figured, "what the hell" and rolled over to a place nearby called KH Metals. Yeah I am plugging them. People were decent and I got my steel at $0.90 a lb. Granted that was out of the cast off pile. Though I got a good single piece that will be more than long enough for the repairs, so long as I don't screw it up. So thinking that I was going to be spending a lot more, I got out of there with a $4 investment.

Mind you, it could get easy to shell out a lot of cash there. Damn sticks of DOM, cleaned up gussets and tabs from cold rolled steel. On and on.

But as I was tooling around the aisles I found some of their cheapie tabs that will be perfect for mounting my pipes to the frame. So I will head back there soon.

There is also a machinist across the street from the supply place and I wandered in to see about getting my headstock machined. Seventy an hour is the shop rate, so I may have to wait on that for a few weeks, but I will take the pieces over next week and get a guesstimate on the work.

So I will try and get the pieces ready and if I get real adventurous I will try and repair the frame this weekend too. Hell if I get that frame done, it will be a bitchin' Father's Day gift for me.

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