Sunday, May 13, 2007


More work has been done. I ground the fill welds off the frame and the fill welds off the fender.

As I ground it down, I noticed things I still didn't like. Spots where things were not as clean as I wanted. And sections of the fender that need a lot of work.

But as I go through each weekend. Welding, scrounging, begging and trading. I have realized that I just don't care. I know this bike is gonna be low-rent, just like its owner. It is going to be of questionable quality. It is going to be a mass of imperfections. And I don't care. I want it to go and take me places. When I am in a better spot I'll worry about something that looks nice. Right now, I want to be in the wind. I want to blow out some miles.

I did have a lot of plans for this ride. It just looks like the world around me has some other plans for my near future. Well FTW, I am gonna win for once and get my damned way. And the only thing that will stop me from riding this thing will be the CHP and possibly lane changing soccer moms on cell phones.

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