Friday, May 25, 2007

Let me down easy, OK?

I was tromping around at the office yesterday when my cell begins buzzing at me.

Text message.

Hmm, did I go over on my minutes? Someone telling me that they are watching me pick my nose from behind the dumpster? Did another creditor find me?

Nope, none of the above.

A buddy of mine has been keeping an eye out for anyone with old 750 parts and such. Looky looky, a picture message. Hot damn the tell-tale signs of a SOHC with a Windjammer on it. Alright where is this place, and how much do they want for it?

So after work and a couple of quick errands I swing by the shop where the bike is sitting. First thing I notice is a wood wagon that has a wicked looking set of super tall tires and wheels with small block sticking off the nose. Now this is my kind of place.

I met up with the owner of the shop, began talking to him about the bikes in the back there, and he takes to where they are sitting. Past a 50's Buick lowrider, a couple of Model A and T's and piles of VW parts and enough stuff to be a gearhead's wet dream.

There she was. Definitely an early SOHC, looks complete too with an intact Windjammer on it. Last registered in '97. Maybe it has fallen off the books? Tank, fenders, carbs, everything but the seat. Then I start checking it out a bit closer...




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