Saturday, May 19, 2007

I think I will call it a gas tank

Hell yeah!


I think it will hold gas now. Well I hope so.


All of the welds this time was done with Oxy-Acetylene on an old Victor torch with a 0 tip. It has been a lot of years since I have welded this way. And it took me some time until I could get my hands to steady themselves again. But I like the slower pace of a gas weld. I could see just how each section was going to lay and also push my filler around a bit longer than I could with the MIG.


I bit the bullet and picked up a flap disk and after I welded the tank up I began to go over the tank. Pulled off the primer I had on it and also smoothed off the gouges that I put in when I pulled off the old paint and filler.


I still need to get the pipe under it for mounting to the frame, but all in all it is nice to get something pretty well finished.

I am gonna go over the welds with a wire wheel, but otherwise they are going to be right out in the open for anyone to critique. And for me to tell them to fuck off.

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