Monday, May 14, 2007

Coming together.

So after a round of bull shit from the ex this morning, I called in sick this a.m.

So once that was cleared up, I had lost two hours of work and figured might as well stay home and work on other stuff. So MGD and fucitol started up at 9 this morning.

I cleaned up some of the apt. and began to wrench.

But last night I got this done


Gaskets are ready to roll. I made the openings for the bolts with a couple of good drill bits, a copy of the Horse and some cussedness. I think the editors of the Horse would be proud of me. I mean what better use for a 4 month old magazine of "backstreet choppers?"


But here is how she is gonna sit. I like the way it is gonna come out. Then again, I have been on a beer diet most of the day. So I may change my mind in the morning once I am a bit more sober.

Come on, come on. I need to roll.

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