Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So you want to drive in Southern California - Part 2

Let me give a brief idea on the layout of this wondrous system of roadways here in So. Cal.

I have heard the line about the interstate and freeway system being the arteries of the nation. The same is true for California. The roads are what keep California alive and rockin'.

But you have to understand these are not the arteries of a 20 yr old marathon runner. No. These are the arteries of a night-shift factory foreman. You know the one. That guy in the glass room. The cheap beer swilling, burger chomping, 2 pack a day smoking, 5 years from retirement foreman.

And the cars in these cholesterol hardened roads are its life's blood. Just looking for the perfect place to lodge itself up against and create a wondrous aneurysm.

There are only a few things that really gum up the works here in So. Cal. I will list a few here for you.

Reduction in lanes.
Expansion in the number of lanes.

I am not trying to say that the drivers on the freeways are complete morons. No, not at all. Perhaps they would do very well on bicycles. Unfortunately when you place them in or on anything that goes faster than 20 MPH, their IQ begins to drop by an equal amount. It could be from the lack of real driving adversities. Those without a challenge will create challenges for themselves. Thereby making life miserable for those of us that just want to move along and are honestly entertained by seeing the road move beneath their feet.

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