Saturday, August 18, 2007

So I am breaking a promise I made.

I promised that this blog would not be a bitch fest. I am too old to go all emo and shit on people. Whaa.

Well you know, fuck it. If you don't like it, just close the window and don't come back. Bye.

I backed out of the other KZ the other night. $200 was a good deal to be honest. I have put some shit together that looked worse and kept them alive indefinitely. But money is very tight at the moment. Hell they cut my power the other day and it appears that my 'net access is off too. Thankfully my neighbors have no idea how to secure a WAP. Hooray for open AP's that I can hop on.

Last night was a great night. I sat around and drank some beers with old friends that I faded away from years ago. Marriage and life got in the way. But for some odd reason they thought I was OK enough to actually look for. Makes ya feel like an alright person. Once in a while I need that kind of positive reinforcement. "Hey Shroom, you aren't a total fuckhead, so we wanted to say hi."

So after a good night out with good people, I cruised on home in the wee hours with the boys in tow. Off to bed and slept in. Damn can't remember the last time I slept until 8 in the morning without flipping and flopping. Another plus.

As the light came in the apartment to inform me that the day has begun, I rolled over and sparked up a Camel. Only three left, gonna have to get more.

The thoughts of how to finagle my "finances" was ticking through my little brain. Gas bill, car payment, rent, moving fees, etc. I began to think about what the boys need for the first day of school. Well the eldest needs some new shoes. Those skateboarding kids destroy shoes like I destroy my liver. The thought suddenly smacked me.

School starts in a little over a week and I have no fucking clue on how to get the little one to school...

Ummm. Fuck?

School starts at a few minutes before 8 am, which isn't bad, but I am gone from town at 6:30. Grandma watches the boys during the day, but my ex has commandeered her car. And do I actually believe that she is gonna be trustworthy enough to give the car back to her moms so she can run the boys around? Highly unlikely.

OK I would trust their grandmother in my car, but then how the hell do I get to work? Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Maybe buying that damn KZ wasn't quite the stupid move I thought it was. Well too bad I didn't think about this about three days ago...

OK, now I gotta figure out how the hell to get my boys around town during the week and get my fat ass outta town at the same time. I seriously doubt that my work will be to happy if I was missing 2 hrs every day. Sometimes the world just loves to bend you over and stuff you without lube. I should be used to this by now, but can't I at least get dinner and a few drinks or something from this screwing?

Feel sorry for me dammit!

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