Thursday, August 16, 2007

Maybe I do have issues.

No updates on the chop lately. Busy and just a bit frazzled.

So what do I do when I am not tweaking on the project? I go bike shopping!

Maybe I did get dropped on my head when I was a baby. Or it could be one toke too many, or perhaps my liver has begun to poison my bloodstream.

Right now I have a couple of leads on some late 70's early 80's KZ's. Both of them are projects, but not quite the project the chop is. Probably tags, carbs and all the other good things you have to replace on a bike that has sat around for too long.

I should be heading up to check one out tonight, not sure if the deal will pan out. But I will know more tonight. The price is very good, almost too good to pass up. It would get me on two wheels and save me a few bucks on gas. Plus the one tonight is the perfect candidate for a cafe treatment.

Hrmm. How many bikes does one man need? I am not too sure, though I guess I will find out.

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