Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You gotta get some toys son.

Well we are back. Survived the round trip from here in Utah to So. Cal and back again. The trip itself was pretty uneventful. Lots of hours on the road. We took my little car since it gets almost ten miles per gallon better than T's Jeep. It adds up after a few hundred miles. Especially with gas prices the way they are.

Though over the course of the week a "Check Engine" light did come on. Oh well, I will dick with it when I got some more cash.

We spent the week visiting friends and family and running around. The boys were off and visiting grandparents and T's son spent most of that week with his dad. So it was nice, T and I got to run around. The only responsibility we really has was the dog.

We did have one big project for the week. We decided to re-do the lawn at T's folks. I guess a few years ago the grass died thanks to some very bad fertilizer. (note: never buy it off a truck that is going door to door. ) And has basically turned into a weed incubator. Her folks have treated me and the boys well and I was happy to help dig around. So in between that and running around we stayed decently busy.

Also, last week I stated getting some more tattoo work done. Had to drive into 29 Palms to get it worked on. I have gone to the same person for the last few years for the tattoos I have. And really haven't found anyone I would have work on me. Plus you can't beat the friend discounts either.


Step one has begin and it healed up very quickly. It kinda sucked that I got it worked on the Sunday we got there. That meant I had to spend the week covered up and have a worse farmer's tan than I already had.

Since I haven't work on the motorcycle since before I left, I figured I would put this up instead.

Saturday there was a yard sale down the street. And as I was looking down in the direction I saw that they had a little dirt bike. So I wet with the boys and took a gander. I originally thought I was too late to get it. Some guy was handing a twenty to the people to hold it. So I just gave it a once over and got gone.

Well luckily for me, the locals can't turn a wrench to save their lives. So they walked from the deal since it "needed a pipe, chain and a tune up." And $40 later, we had a cheap Chinese pit bike.

Now here was what I found wrong with it. It pulled a spoke from the hub and that went into the tube, causing a flat. Loose spokes on the rear rim. Rancid old gas. The pipe lost the muffler, but who cares about that. I don't like to be quiet anyway. Though it did need a exhaust gasket and a brace for what was left of the pipe.

So I picked it up at noon. And by 5 or so I was romping up and down the street on it.




So when I get the chance I have taken the boys around on it. And trying to talk T into playing around with it as well. And hopefully in a few weeks all four of us will takes turns riding it around the neighborhood.

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