Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bondo makes the frame.

I picked up a couple of wire wheels for my grinder the other day. So on Saturday I stripped the frame down to metal.

She doesn't look as good naked as I hoped.

I found assorted bad repairs and cover-ups.

And there is a crack on the downtubes right at the gussets. I will be taking cleaner photos of them later today.

And there are a few other repairs that have me concerned.


It isn't beyond my ability as a welder, but damned if I like the idea of cutting out sections of the frame to replace and repair. Though, would much rather do that, then end up dead on the side of the freeway. It is one thing to do things that are risky, but it is something completely different to just go out on a suicide mission.


When I took the frame down to metal, I didn't find any old VIN numbers. But I am positive this bike has been on the road some time in its life. Makes me wonder about the history of it.

Soon I am going to start fitting pieces together and at least make a roller from it. Get things where I want them and then begin getting it ready for inspection. I believe I will try and get the frame and motor inspected by the CHP before I start the repairs. The last thing I want to deal with is a cop giving me grief over fixing the frame and trying to accuse me of scraping numbers or some shit.

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