Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fixing me some frame.

Ok, anyone on dial-up has my deepest apologies. There are going to be a lot of pics this round.

Today I planned on doing more than I did, but I guess all in all I got a lot accomplished. Gone are a couple of extra loops and fittings that were on the bike. I also removed the gussets at the neck and cleaned up the welds. All of my photos are hosted with Flickr.

I wanted to get the tunnel opened up on the Mustang tank and get that started, but such is life.

I started by scoring the sides of the gussets. And then began to dig in deeper.

A closer and slightly clearer shot of the crack in the frame. I am waiting to take this section out.

I removed the botom frame rail to get the bad repair out. It is also going to be my piece to fit some bar for a plug and also get the right tube thickness. But gotta love that piece of all-thread in there.

Everything I don't want is gone. Now I need to get the tank ready and piece this fella back together.

Here is a close-up of my neck area with the gussets removed. I may change the way I reinforce the neck.

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