Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Three weeks in (Or therabouts)

OK, so I am big fat liar. It has been just about 2 1/2 weeks in.

So what have I observed about Utah in this period of time? Well, I wonder why they require mirrors on cars, when obviously no one uses them. Same goes for turn signals. I keep wondering if these mongoloids are stupid, or just don't give a shit.

But at least traffic is light. I can get on the freeway and lock it in at 80 and just go. So that is kinda nice.

Next week I start up at my new job. The commute will be hell. I will walk down to the basement and log in to the computer... Tough stuff. Well for the first three weeks I will be in three different places for training. And then they are going to let me go wild. What little they know. Hopefully I can stay motivated enough to keep myself out of trouble.

A couple of things I am trying to get used to though. The weather is fucked up. I mean seriously fucked up. Yesterday I was in a T-shirt. Today it has been raining, with some snow. WTF?!

And can a guy get some beer here that isn't watered down or cost a small fortune? I mean a 6 pack of non-thinned out beer is 12 bucks! 12 bucks, what the hell? I bought 5 bottles of wine for T at 5 bucks a pop, and a 6 pack of Negro Modelo for 11.80 something. It goes for 7 bucks back in Cali. Talk about a mark up. I mean bootleggers in Kentucky charged those kind of prices, and it was totally illegal there.

So the next time I am in Nevada or California, I am going to bring back enough beer to keep a frat house happy for a month.

And the bike scene here sucks ass so far. I have seen maybe 5-10 non-Harleys around here. There is a shit tonne of chrome travesty V-twins and of course a few of those beach ball, I got more money than good sense customs around. Seems like everyone is showing off to each other. Keeping up with the Smith's around here. I would use Jones' but I think there are more Smith's. It is Utah after all. And they say Californian's are bad about the whole image thing. These people have some serious self esteem issues here.

Otherwise it is not exactly a bad place. But it is definitely culture-shock. I am still trying to figure out the lay of the land. But so far there haven't been any deal breakers.


Anonymous said...

I didnt know you liked the weather so much, huh. I love to read what you put in your blog. you should write more often.

Scott said...

Hey S.G.
Been reading here a bit.
Sorry for no posting of my own. Lots going on, and a lot on the mind. I intend to begin again now.

Enjoy your new digs.