Friday, April 11, 2008

A whole week?!

Good Friday! Well maybe not in the Jesus coming out of the crypt type of Good Friday. But it is a good one nonetheless.

Today, is the last day of school for the boys. And next week is Spring Break.

I can guess what may be going through some minds out there. "What the fuck is so great about that? A pair of boys running rampant through the house while you are trying to work? What are you sneaking huffs of the model glue again?"

Nothing like that. Nope, both of the boys are heading back out to Cali for the week. So it is a quiet week with me and T and a kidless house.

Aha! I bet the light has come on now. Well we don't get the week off, sadly enough. But we both are taking Monday off. And we have no actual plans for the weekend, except to relax and do whatever suits us.

I told you it was a Good Friday.

And as far as the weather report for Utah? It snowed three more times this week. Each time it melts off by noon. We may stick around Vegas for a day or so. Just to get some damn sun.

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