Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some motorcycle blog this is, you shit.

So I have looked at the blog and my recent posts. Some fine motorcycle blogging this has turned out to be. I start on one subject and then somewhere along the line I get totally sidetracked.

So if you were hoping for a biker journal when you put this in your bookmarks, I am sorry that I disappointed you. (OK, I really don't give a damn, but it sounded like the nice thing to say.)

So what the fuck does a guy without a motorcycle, and a motorcycle blog do? Well I distract you with shiny stuff to keep you happy and mollified. "Ooooh pretty...."

So link Number 1. A tribute to our friend Joseph Lucas.

And link Number 2. An actual blog where they actually write about motorcycles!

So until I have something to ride, tear apart, or bitch about that is motorcycle related, I give you this to keep my faithful fans happy.


Anonymous said...

we really need to get you're bike home!

Mona said...

Great work.