Monday, May 05, 2008

Goings on, blah blah. Complaining, blah blah. Empty promises, blah blah.

Yes, you get a three part update. You might enjoy it. Then again, you might not. But just so you know, I am doing it anyway.

The weekend after my last post, an old friend of ours came in from Nebraska to visit for a couple of days. It was pretty cool. T hasn't seen her in about 3 years and I haven't seen her in nearly 10. So for a couple of days, we hung out, drank, woke up with stomachs that hated us, killed time. It was a decent weekend all in all.


D (our friend) and her beau "B"

The last day we all went up to the local mall. So we let the rugrats on the carousel.


This was taken after a litany of "No, no. Move to the right. OK, move to the left. NOOOO, don't get off!!!" But once they all got in place, I think the fussing was worth it.

And I also got...


A picture of T. She may throttle me for putting this picture up. But I think she looks good. So I am keeping it.

Well everyone went home on Sunday night. And after too little sleep, work commenced. What can I say about working for a week? It was... Fun isn't the right word. Good? Nah, not really that. It was... well, work.

Now last weekend was pretty damn uneventful. And I wouldn't have it any other way. After weekends of running to California, entertaining friends, and just plain ol sickness or exhaustion. Fuck yeah doing nothing kicks ass!!

Now onto the complaining. Last week my front tooth began to ache. And then my gums began to swell. And by Saturday morning I had a nice abscess knot in my mouth. That shit is annoying. It never gets so bad that I am lying in bed writhing in agony, but is this dull throb and nasty pressure in my skull. Advil becomes my buddy at these moments.

So tomorrow I have an appointment with a dentist. They are going to check me out and tell me how many children I will have to sell on the black market to get this damn thing fixed. I would be tempted to tell them to yank the fucking dead tooth that is creating this regular form of misery, if it wasn't my front tooth. Bad enough I got some big ass hillbilly chip out of one tooth. Like hell I want to have a door added.

And this morning, I found out that, no matter what I learn, know, do and educate myself with. I am still an absent minded fuck. I got a big fat envelope from the IRS today. Guess what S? You forgot to sign your tax return. MORON!

And now for the rat-bike news!

Gas prices suck. And boy am I glad I don't have a commute any longer. So a tank of gas will last me weeks. But I just saw that gas prices have hit 120 dollars a barrel. Damn. We have another trip out to California at the end of the month. So right now I am trying to price the stuff I need for my car to get it legal in Utah. The tags have since died for Cali. Anyway, it is cheaper to insure it here. So tires and some waylaid maintenance needs to be done.

And also, I was telling T this weekend. I am planning on socking away about $800 for a thrasher bike to thump around on. Nothing fancy. Just basically a pair of wheels and a seat. She hates the bikes I look at. And really I guess it would be hard to like some of the old crap I show her, but if it works and get me out on the road. I think that it will be just fine for me.


TJ said...

have I told you that i think i look like i am on drugs in that picture?

S.G. said...

Well considering we spent the night before drinking, I am calling it the look of recovery.