Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The weekly update.

Or thereabouts. Can't honestly remember when I updated last time. And I really don't feel too inclined to save this, go find out, and then return to writing. I am a busy man, and I got things to do, people to talk to, shit to see. And once I get this finished up, I need to figure out a way to avoid it all.

So let's start with the news from the homefront.

Last week the boys went to the dentist. Both of them have a few cavities, my little one has 5 and T's has 3. So they are both due for return visits to get drilled and filled.


They sure look like they are having a blast. And boy, we can't wait to take them down to get those teeth drilled. I bet it will be like Disneyland. You know, the whining, blood curdling screams and all that kind of fun stuff.

And now onto motorcycle news, and me gushing on how much my girl kicks ass.

Saturday we took T's son to meet up with his dad. It is still a week until school is out for the summer, but of course the three day weekend has to come before that. Jerks. So rather than wait (plus T has some big revamp of her company coming out next weekend) we met up with his dad and did a trade-off in St. George.

Now I have known both and T and her Ex for over 10 years. Closer to 15 (Goddamn I am getting old-ish) actually. But she decided to ask him if he was willing to bring up the Honda for us when he came up to get the boy. Now I know she doesn't care for my obsession as much as I do. But she let's me rock out on the whole, "I am building a motorcycle" thing. Even encourages it. She like the sounds of internal combustion engines. But tell me, would your girl figure out a way to get your stuff to you from 700 miles away? Not many would.

So look who has moved to Utah with us.




Time to get all neurotic again.

I have started to really consider this thing in terms that aren't "let's slap the fucker together and ride!"

I have a real job. I have a garage. And I have a girl that is all for me doing this thing up.

So I am considering a slightly different direction for the Honda. No bobber shit, no I am not gonna de-rake it, put on a hydraulic fork, and then paint it to look like it was puked on by a bowling ball.

Here is the thought. I am going to clean up the motor, clean up any and all welds on the frame, replace the ratty re-welded fender and paint all this stuff up like something I give a shit about.

I mean, why the fuck not? I got this thing when I was broke and couldn't have more than a Krylon special. Now that I can actually have something a little nicer, so why shouldn't I do it? Now you people need to realize that I am not meaning that I will go and do some high dollar shit can on wheels. But I am going to do this right. Clean up the stuff that I looked at said "Fuck it, it ain't important" and make it look like it was a labor of love (Actually a labor of OCD).


Anonymous said...

The Honda has finally come to join you in Utah! This is good news indeed - some of us have been waiting a fsck of a long time to see this project finished.

You will still be using the Schlitz tap, won't you?

Jim, UK

S.G. said...

You've been waiting a long time?!

Man I have gone through a couple of birthdays myself. And been obsessing over it pretty well non-stop for the last three months.

I can't wait to get back on it.

Thanks Jim.