Monday, June 02, 2008

I've been working on my choppuh....

All the live long day....

OK, so I was out of title names.

But since I have been scrubbing off the motor, I could have instead titled it "Rubber ducky, you're the one..."

Last week I bought me a big ol' can of Easy Off to get a few years of old oil and crud off the motor. The great thing about easy off, is that it's cheap, i can get it when I go to buy stuff for salads and pork chops, has lots of lye in it, and stinks up the neighborhood. All in all convenience and annoyance all wrapped up in one neat package.

And a side benefit of this? It munches paint like nobodies business.


Post dousing. I was able to just rub a flat head screwdriver on the paint that is still stuck to the motor and it flaked off. Then I took an old wire wheel to it and the paint just went flying off. So I plan on getting me a couple of new ones, so I have better bristles to work with. The one I tested with is pretty worn out and I wouldn't get everywhere I want.

I had mentioned when I first started that it looks like the motor had seen the wrong end of a chain failure. So here it is.


Ugly, but hopefully it will hold and I can get a few miles in it before I have to do something.

Now this one goes into the "Dumbass!" files.

I cleaned the motor up and was just going over it. And begin checking out the fins and stuff, to see how the paint was doing and also to inspect for damage from the move. That's when I see this.


Well maybe didn't see is a better term. If you fuck around with SOHC 750's you might realize what goes there. That is the hole for the cam chain tensioner... At least from my browsing ebay, I found them cheap. So it won't break the bank. Just one of those moments that you realize that you are still not even close to being done.

On to the homefront.

The boy got himself a hair cut. See T used to be a hair stylist. Kinda nice to never have to drive over to the barber. But the bad thing is with enough begging the kids can get any kind of haircut they want. Hence this...


This boy is so not punk rock. Then again, most punk now is not punk really punk. But it is kinda funny to know my boy is making his mark at such a young age. Look me, I am different!!!

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