Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gettin' gone!

Friday we will be on the road and heading back to California. Are we moving back? Tail between the legs?

Fuck no. It is vacation time!!!!

Hot damn, a vacation! I can't tell you the last time I took an official vacation. And a vacation with someone I really want to be with to boot.

News Time

Jarod is off of training wheels. Finally got him to break down and do some practicing the other day. And all it took was a day with steadily higher training wheels and then a few more passes on the bike the next day and off they went.


So tonight we are heading out to Wal Mart, the evil slayer of small business everywhere to get a bigger bike for him. His choice between affordable and cheap.

Now that means that T and I are also starting to ride bikes around the neighborhood. Now don't get any wild ideas that I might be becoming some kind of health freak. Though, I am a bit more conscious of the idea. By no means am I suddenly gonna start eating strange health shakes and shit.

Just today T came home from lunch to find me testing out my bike. Riding up the block, Camel hanging from my mouth. What? Doesn't everyone chainsmoke and ride bikes? No? Ya fucking pansies.

Here is my bike. It's an older Trek. I had to scrub it up and sandpaper off a lot of rust. I also had to lube the cables as they were pretty rusted up. Actually one of the shift cables ate it and is no more. But otherwise it rides straight and the seat is only kind of uncomfortable.

And here's T's bike. It is too small for her. It was a hand me down from an aunt of hers that IIRC was something like five feet tall. So her kneecaps are thumping the handle bars. So we are gonna shop around for a new bike for her too.

And we got a dog. He's a Border Collie, Wirehair Pointer mix; aka a mutt. The boy named him Jack.

Freecycle fucking rocks too. I was shopping for a lawnmower a couple of weeks ago. we were digging through the classifieds looking for a good deal and then this showed up the next day in a Freecycle message. cleaned the carbs and it was running like a top. I also got a wild hair and checked the Lawn Boy website for this thing. It is 25 years old?! Hot damn. This is one damn good mower to be kicking around 2 1/2 decades after it was built.

Still With me there?

Now it was Father's Day a couple weeks ago. And I got me a little die grinder set from Costco for here at the house. Not a fancy Dremel or anything, but decent Kawasaki set.Came with a shit ton of accessories and was a decent deal.

So here is what I have been doing with all those pieces. Scraping paint off the motor. Once the paint is gone I will wire wheel it and see if I can make it sorta sparkly. Cuz everyone digs the shiny stuff.

Also a couple of weeks ago I caught this ad on the local classifieds site. 1500 for a Harley. Might be a Panhead. Panhead?? Holy shit! So I booked it up to Salt Lake and took a gander at it. Met up with a guy Pat I met through the Jockey Journal. And we rolled up into the heart of town to take a gander.

Well it was no Panhead. Instead it was a cone Shovel. All in pieces. Maybe there was paperwork. The heads and jugs were off and it had been stored in a storage shed that leaked. So corrosion was the word of the day, boy and girls.

Was it a good deal? Fuck yeah it was! But I didn't do it.

Now before anyone bites my head off.

I have never owned a Harley. I know one guy that owns a Harley and it is parked. He prefers his Yamahas. I don't know where I can get parts for Harley's, don't have the spare change to buy parts for a Harley. And didn't know what the innards of this fucker was like.

Yeah it probably would have fetched double, maybe triple what the guy was asking for it. But I have a project. And I really am not so hot on the Shovelheads. Now if it was a pan, I would have sung a different tune.

But while I was out I got a hold of a flat fender for $20. Too bad the fucker is too wide for the sissy bar. Son of b....

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