Friday, May 16, 2008

The old toys.

It's morning during a work day. And so rather than fuck around on this roaming profile for a Terminal Server or check to find out why our software is b0rk3d on the new XP Service Pack 3 (Actually I am downloading it right now) I am gonna show some of my older toys.

edit: The images are looking kinda fucked. I pulled these from my old photobucket account. And it was shit like this that made go over to flickr. I will try and get them fixed.. someday.

Here is my last bike.


Yeah not quite what I am working on nowadays. But at the time I had the extra cash to spend. I rode the piss out of it. Never did much to it. I did have a service agreement. The ex-wife put me up to it, I swear! I used it once at the place I bought the bike from (Westcoast Motorsports in Perris, CA) for the first valve adjustment. The ride home the V-star sounded like it had nickels in the head. So I got it home and took it apart. Apart from the some valves being to far open for the specs and others too tight for specs, I also had loose valve covers, and a toolbag filled with water. They were kind enough to wash my bike, leave puddles and I got to drain the tool bag at my first blast over 65, right onto my face.

That pretty well taught me to never trust anyone that works at a dealership to take care of my stuff like I take care of my stuff.


It stayed around until after I split from my ex-wife and then support and rent and all the good shit that comes along with divorces forced me to give it back. Plus at the time, I was working a lot of hours, carting my boys back and forth to school before I would split to work and it basically was gathering dust in the carport. Along with being used as a jungle gym by all the apartment's hoodrats.

So here was/is my second addiction. Corvairs.



These were my toys, daily commuters, and long term project cars. I had the convertible for almost 8 years before I let it go. One you don't see from this same time period is the black coupe in the side yard that I was debating about whther it was going to become replacement panels or be put back on the road. So I guess you could say I had a bit of a Corvair addiction. Actually I still do. Whenever T and I look at classifieds (we have been looking around for a project car for her ) I will see if anyone has an early model Corvair for sale on the cheap.

Anyone around Utah county have one they will let go to a middle aged Corvair fanatic for dirt cheap (free)?

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