Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A story of tragedy and hope with Rosanna Rosannadanna for good measure.

What's there to say? I have been working piece by piece to get those damn fucking rounded off stuck ass nuts off my head on the motor. Stupid (proceeding to go into cussing up a blue streak) just won't budge. So I have resorted to going at it the old fashioned way. A cold chisel and hammer. I went over to Cycle Exchange's site and they offer replacement studs for relatively cheap. So if I bugger up the threads I will just get new replacements. This damn motor better not be a boat anchor.

Recently, one of the sites I have frequented has decided to go to a mostly H-D and British format, so while I might be welcome there still, I am not quite as interested in the threads currently being posted. But during the fallout that came from the adjustment of format, someone at the site decided to have a go at creating a forum that would be accepting to older metric bikes. The Metric Underground. is still pretty young and as of right now doesn't have quite the traffic of some of the more established sites. I do have my hopes up and keep an eye on what is going on. And I am trying to be somewhat useful, if I can be. So if you are riding or cutting up something older and metric, check them out.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of catching something from Joss Whedon called Dr Horrible's Sing Along blog. Personally I thought it was a hoot. My girl, not so much. But I decided to check out the company that hosts the video, and found a damn nice site. It has a few current television series that you can watch on deman. Plus some movies free to watch. Damn sweet site. Now I really can't stand to watch new SNL stuff. I pretty well think they should go off the air now. And then get replaced by a show that is actually funny, I did find some gems from the true heyday of SNL. And I had to share them with you, my faithful readers. (Both of you. I really mean it. I love you guys.) So enjoy.

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