Monday, August 11, 2008

Well that was easy (the tale of two years worth of dumbass decisions)

So back about a year and a half ago, I pulled my girder apart. Well I buggered up all the threads on the studs for it.

A little bit closer

So here I am thinking that I am as good as fucked. I have gone back and forth over this for nearly two years now. (two years!!!!!!!!!!) Do I fix it? Do I scrap it? How do I fix it?

So I have tried to cut the studs down and put new ones in. I have looked at drilling and tapping. Then started to think that maybe I should just say fuck it and get a DNA and put it on.

A while back I did try and weld the studs in. Of course that worked splendidly. Shit all fucked up and off center. So I just put it off to the side and figured that when it is time, I would do something.

Well I have been fucking around on it lately. Here is the thought...

Grind the step off and get it all flush. Weld the legs of the girder together and drill and tap it to accept bolts. Find some type of hardened steel bolt that would work with the girder. Jig it all up to be straight and weld.

A couple of weeks ago I started on this project. I cut the buggered studs off and got back down to the original steps. I had always assumed that this was just the head of another bolt. I hesitated to weld it, because I didn't want to fuck up the only mostly good chrome I had. I gave up on it. Burn motherfucker, burn.

Rather than grind it totally flush, I figured I would cut it at the weld and see if I can get it to fall off naturally, or chisel it off.

When I got to grinding off the weld, it all began to come to pieces pretty easy. That's when I found this.


Looks like they had a special stud build for it. Basically with a locater stud in the back. The trees are also drilled for this stud. Pretty damn neat. Guess it cut down on the possibility for a fuck up. That is until I got my greasy mitts on it.


After I cut the studs out, I took a stone on the dremel and smoothed off the welds and got it nice and flat. So it shouldn't be too bad to get it back together. When I am ready to replace the studs, I will build a jig to get everything in alignment.

I also started to grind the tops of those fucked up studs off.


It's going to take a little while to get all four down. Thankfully they make replacement studs, so I don't have to be delicate.

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