Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas lights!!

Almost a week after Chrismas I know. But at least we didn't have to deal with the holiday crowds.

Me, T, Jarod and T's family went into Salt Lake City to see the lights at the temple. I am not big on the whole Jeebus thing, but they certainly lit the place up with taste. We got there a bit early so went through a few of the visitor centers. It is interesting to be in such a place. We got to see where the Tabernacle Choir sings during ta majority of the year. There is this monstrous pipe organ in there. Really a cool looking place.

Now before anyone bawls me out about the Mormons and their Pro 8 stance. I have my own opinions about it, and my own issues about religions getting involved in the legislative process, but this hasn't got anything do with that aspect of the bible folk. This is pretty lights, and glowing space Jesus.


And glowing space Jesus says to leave him the fuck out of it. Because it's his fucking b-day and he just wants some cake and ice cream. Angel food preferably with some rocky road. And a bottle of wine. Jesus loves his wine.

So here are the lights.




And two people I adore.


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