Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas, and a happy snow storm.

More snow. A lot more snow. So far I think we have gotten another 3-5 inches since this morning and it doesn't look like it is gonna let up for a while.

Jack is having fun, but he does have a fur coat. Me I have an old field jacket that keeps me warm enough, but I sure the hell won't be jumping in the snow. I am too old and delicate for that stuff anymore.


We are down to one boy right now. T's son went down to Cali to visit with his dad for the next two weeks. While noise drives me nuts, it is still way too quiet here. And Jarod's already going crazy without his partner in crime.

So we are celebrating another broke Christmas. Me and T are pretty well gonna do some stocking stuffers, but hold off our gifts for the kids. But tomorrow is my b-day and she got me something pretty special...



Utah has these strange draconian liquor laws where you really can't get anything stronger than piss water anywhere but the state liquor stores. Can't be that bad, can it? Well a 12 pack of Bass will set you back about 13 bucks, before taxes. And they tax the shit outta drunks here. So yesterday when we traded off Austin out in Cedar City, this came in a couple of holiday bags.

This is full strength beer. No Utah stickers on it. No reformulation to fit in their laws. And you can't get a fucking 6 pack of Fat Tire in this state. Well maybe you can, but I haven't found any yet.

Happy Holidays everyone, I am gonna get me a buzz going and hopefully the alcohol will keep me warm and pliable.

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Blaine said...

If you want I can check the class six (Hill AFB) and see if they have any. By the way its high point there