Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A list to end all lists.

I am getting to the end of the worst of this. Now it is time to finally compile the list.

I need to get this list out, so I don't forget or get surprised by something stupid and simple. 'Cuz I would lose my ass if it weren't attached.

So here I go...

9 feet of 1" tubing.

3 feet of something to use as a plugs. Both of these are for the frame repairs. Plus a little extra 1" stuff to make a broomstick bar and risers.

Gaskets for the shifter and kickstarter. They look pretty ratty and I am sure they will leak from first kick. I have material to make the rest of the gaskets.

I need a throttle assembly. I have a beat to death Honda one, but I would like to ditch it. Then again depending on how my wallet does I may have to just run it. And if I do, I will need 7/8" tubing for bars. Shit.

I am planning on making a new manifold for the carbs. I want to ditch the four carbs and go with a single stock one. But being the headcase I am, I am not going to build a log manifold. Thankfully I have enough room behind the motor to do a 4-1.

Cheap Autozone or Kragen exhaust tubing. Yep, gonna make them myself. And no I don't care how they look, so long as they fit and are long enough to keep from cooking my valves.

I need a set of sprockets and a chain.

I also that damn nut and washer that hold it together. Maybe I can get over to Pick-a-Part next week and filch one from a CB500 or something.

I need a new throttle cable, front and rear brake cables, and something for a clutch cable. Though I think I may just pilfer a parking brake cable from the salvage yard for that too. I am going with a jockey set up. Using a 6 iron for the handle. Fuck yeah yard sale freebies rock.

I want to make a distributor ignition for this thing too, but money and time are probably not gonna let me get it done as fast as I want. So I need to get the last pieces of the stock ignition prepped out. A plug boot and maybe an extra set of points.And I guess the plugs and other crap too.

Then of course wiring. Headlight, taillight, and... fuck it, probably nothing else. I am going with a low rent trailer taillight from Wal-Mart or something. Gotta keep the Chinese in Reeboks.

I am going to mount my cheap ass speedometer, but doubt I will bother with a cable. This is enough to keep a cop happy at 15'. And I like to keep cops happy and 15' or more away from me. Because when they get closer, bad things seem to happen to me. Like my mouth tends to open up and spew out stuff that gets me a free ride in bracelets.

Battery, Oil, filter, Krylon, this list keeps getting longer and longer. And I really don't like it.

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