Monday, April 23, 2007

Lost weekends

I didn't touch anything on the bike this week. Got wrapped up in a little bit of my own crap. Even when you see the train wreck ahead, it can still catch you by surprise. And leaving you wondering what happened to the last year of your life. When did everything change. And why it happened.

I am waiting on some cash to come my way soon and I have already found a steel supplier that has the stuff I need to get my frame situated. I am gonna hopefully see the money this week. Then spend a few days getting all the pieces ready for welding.

I also got my title situation mostly figured out. So if it all comes together I will have new plates and a repaired frame before the month is out.

I need the bike on the road soon. I need to get some time to think and I have always felt closer to the world when I am on the road. When I can toss the miles and memories to the side and think about that next turn in the road and the next mile before me.

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