Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ha Dad! You're an empty box!


Did I ever mention how much I despise packing? The packing of all my crap into little boxes, figuring out what needs to go in the trash and what I need to keep. It is this painful, mind numbing process.

See this isn't moving across the town, this is 700 miles. So that kinda rules out plastic bags and tossing crap in the back seat of the car. We have to carefully get things boxed, tagged and wrapped. Sucks.

Today has been really quiet so I have been packing up some stuff we won't need. So the bookcase is being dismantled right now. I haven't been reading much lately anyhow. Though I am slowly working my way through a Daniel Boone biography.


It has been cold lately. Not like Minnesota cold, but definitely not fun standing outside with a cigarette. In the mornings I have been going out and the trees are covered in frost.

It looks neat though.


Back to work. I need to pack up the Honda pieces and get the garage sorted soon. I have to freecycle two big desks, a treadmill and an old flat trailer I acquired. It is just more junk than we need.


boobookitty said...

Had enough of the cold eh?

So how's it going?

S.G. said...

That is definitely part of it. We are freezing up here!