Thursday, January 22, 2009

Minor site update.

I have added a little section to my sidebar for your listening enjoyment/torture.

It's just a little music app where I will attempt to add people that I am playing heavily on repeat or think could be interesting.

Right now I have two songs in my list. Dave Alvin and X. The X song is 4th of July, and if you are a fan, you have probably already heard it. What I just found out is that Dave Alvin penned this back in the 80's. Now Alvin has some serious indie cred, though over the years he is more on the Americana side of the dial. So I also added his song, King of California. It seemed to be fitting considering our upcoming move.

Now one thing you will notice is that you actually have to start it manually. I can't stand it when a site pukes out music on me and I would never subject that to anyone that comes here. I think it is in poor taste to do that. First, maybe you don't want to listen to my crap. And second, what if you are at work? That would be a great way to keep your time-wasting activities quiet, my site music blaring over the speakers.

Anyway, if you are curious, give it a click. If not, ignore this post completely.

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