Sunday, January 21, 2007

Back in the kitchen.

Back in the kitchen.Bare metal is beautiful thing. I took the tank and girder arms to the place where I am keeping my project at and began to sand. The belt sander was a stupid idea. Totally worthless.

But luckily I got access to another sander. I only had a couple sheets of sandpaper, so I was only able to finish up one girder. If I can get this girder pieced together, I think that I am goint to go with maybe a flat black with red or silver accents.

I also found a body file while I was over there and began to make very quick work of the tank. There was quite a bit of bondo on that old tank. So here is the way it went.

Top layer - Nasty ass red, sun faded and cracked.
Second layer - I originally thought it was a faded gold. But now I think it was silver-ish color. Not really positive.
Third layer - Bondo, cracked and generally nasty.
Fourth layer - Now here is where it gets interesting.

I found black underneath all the bondo and just kept scraping away at it. Then I realized there was a painting of some sort. Kept at it and the image began to appear. Someone had hand painted a naked angel on the tank. I sorta wished I didn't gouge up the paint so bad with the body file, it would have been cool to get a good pic of the work. I did take a couple with my camera-phone, to at least keep around for the digital project book I am making here. Now the crappy thing about that is Sprint wants me to pay 5 dollars extra a month to even send a single pic. I would have done a one-time charge easily, but not add an extra service I would hardly use. So if I ever find a data cable for my phone I will upload them.

I feel like I made some real progress. I am hopefully going to do some more sanding to get the tank smooth so I can begin the filler and primer process again. This time it won't be quite as thick.


Christine said...

Best of luck with your rat bike ;)

Here I Is said...

Thanks, I probably need a lot of it too. :)