Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Update: Nothing happened.

That's right, I accomplished pretty much nothing.

I did take some time on Saturday to sand the girder some more, but to get past the top layer of chrome is a lot of work. Mind-numbing slow work. But there is no way I am going to have the extra dosh to get the forks sandblasted.

But it wasn't a total bust. I did get a couple of milk crates for the back patio. I now have a white-trash work bench. Next weekend, I am gonna try and bring out my belt sander to see if I have better luck with the on the forks.

I also grabbed a copy of The Horse and browsed through it. There were a couple of decent personal built bikes, but I know I am not alone in liking the rat look. So where do people like me go? It seems like those of us that really enjoy a classic home built bike are left out in the cold as far as media goes. Is it because we are cheap-ass bastards and they figure we wouldn't care about publications and programs about what we find fun?

On second thought, that may be true. How many rat bike builders give a damn about the new gas tanks from West Coast Choppers? It is more likely we are scouring an Ace Hardware for bits and pices to put on bars. Or stomping around swap meets for some old treasure.

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