Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hanging out on the patio

This morning after I finished up the dishes I headed out and began to work on the bike.

A lead mallet with a liberal application of liquid wrench pulled most everything apart. My shocks have an 11 1/2" eye-to-eye length. I wonder what I have to do to use go-cart shocks on this thing, since I am having a bitch of a time finding anything even remotely similar to what is on this thing now.

It looks like most of the threads on the girder have had a hard life. I have begun to think it may be better for me to find a machinist that can make some of the pieces for me. I don't believe that it should cost too much to machine the stepped bar stock and maybe even thread it for me.

But for now I am keeping it simple. I have a bunch of sandpaper and a little time. So knock off the rust and get it looking presentable, then scrape up some cash to get me a few cans of primer.

And thanks JaySco, I appreciate the help on the ignition stuff. Plus those coffee cans helped out a lot.

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