Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another fine mess you got us into.

Yeah I let myself get ahead of my good sense. I pulled the girder apart today to check out all the pieces and inspect the shocks.

All of the nuts came off perfectly, except for one...

Oh boy, guess what? It had an allen to keep the nut from walking. Stupid me went and spun out the threads. Completely destroyed. Damn

Right now I have a post on to see what options I have on this one. So I will post later on what gets decided for this fsck up.

But to the good stuff.

The brakes are in good shape And the front rim is a Kawasaki drum set-up. I wonder what I would need to do, to set it up with disk brakes rather than drums. But maybe later, I have to remember I am going low dollar. Not like I have money to throw at it.

And the bearings are all in good shape and none of the girder pieces(save for my destroyed stud) are messed up. But I have a feeling I will need some new coil-overs for the front. Maybe I should go to a single shock and change the spacer set-up.

And a while ago I tossed out all of my old coffee cans. But I sure could use one now for these bits and pieces.

In the morning I am going to head over with a camera and get a few pics of the girder to post up and hopefully figure out a good repair solution.

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