Saturday, December 16, 2006

Homecoming and a little once over

Yep, I brought the bike home. Boy I am feeling pretty good about this too. After the trip to the new resting place, I began the once over. The bike surprisingly complete. I am missing the coils, some relays, and the clutch. As far as the main engine components. I need to replace some of the cables and a lot of nuts and bolts, plus some bushings in the front end. But these are pretty small ticket items considering.

I initially took the side cover off to see why the kick start wouldn't work. Turns out the culprit was just a misaligned kick start gear.(I promise someday I will look up the proper name) And I got it seated and gave it a shove and the engine turned and blew out the plastic bags being used to plug the exhaust ports.
Guess I need a clutch

Another small victory. Now I have to prepare a full list of what I have and what I need. So maybe mid-week I will have a small update. A shopping list really.

And I also am going to try and drag the boys back over there next weekend and we will pull the engine out. I am also going to find some flap disks to sand down the frame. Hopefully even give it a coat of primer.

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