Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What in the world was I thinking?

On Dec. 8th I emailed my local freecycle group to take a long shot at getting an old beat up motorcycle. I figured that if I picked up an old backyard stray I could spend money when I had it and let it sit when I was broke. Then over a few weeks/months/years have myself a running bike. Ugly as sin, but paid for and running.

To my surprise I wound up recieving an email from a gentleman that had a Honda chopper. Now this I had to see. I remember those old choppers from when I was a kid. And I have wanted something like it (Japanese, British or American) for many years.

I do wonder if I have the wherewithal to finish this project. And of course money is an object for me. An elusive object. So my plans are to build a low to no buck chopper from what I have here.

There is going to be some obvious new purchases of course. No way would I consider running those old tires or keep that rusty chain. But my ultimate goal is to have this running with as small of a financial investment as possible.

My own rat bike.

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