Thursday, December 21, 2006

No dice at the boneyard.

Yesterday I drove to a Pick-a-Part to see if there was a chance I could find some of the missing pieces for the bike.

I am deeply disappointed to find out that the 750 may be a bit of a relic. Every single bike there was at least 6 years newer than what I have. A lot of late 70's and all the way up to the early 90's. I did find a wild looking Virago that was set up as a trike. I bet that would've been fun to mess with.

I do realize that the late 70's Hondas had the pieces I was looking for, but it seems like I am not alone in the parts hunt.

So after striking out in the bike section I figured that I might be able to find some oddball car pieces to adapt. Nothin'. Damn...

So I left empty handed. Well, mostly. I do have about 5 dollars in fuses.

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