Monday, February 11, 2008

Wait, wait. You're doing what?!

I am moving to the most Republican county, in the most Republican state, in the U.S.

A thousand miles from the place that I have bitched about being my home for over ten years.

Surely I am joking. Right? Wrong. So very wrong.

My girl was offered a spot with her old company that will truly outshine what she has made since she has come back to Cali. And me, well what can I say? I am going along. Hell or highwater, I am packing up the few things I own and me and the boy are heading out there with her.

So naturally you are wondering. Are you excited or scared? I could lie and say I am perfectly calm and feeling totally great about it. But then I would be lying. I am excited of course. I haven't had a good adventure in many years. But I am scared shitless, too. I mean I am going to going over state lines. Away from family and a couple of friends. I am going somewhere I have never been. And only know as the land of LDS. I have seen pictures of course. But somehow I get the impression that pictures won't be the full story. I mean sure there are some neat national parks and shit. But I am not exactly heading out to go camp out in some hippie wet dream.

Nope I am going to go and work and live and make a new start. Somewhere pretty damn far from here. Did you know it snows out there? I mean like the shit actually falls from the sky. Not even pumped out of big machines for the benefit of teenage and yuppie skiers. But as in, clouds get dark and shit actually comes out of the clouds. That will be a trip, I tell you that right now.

Now what about the Honda? For now, I guess it goes back into storage. I need to get permission to set it under a tarp somewhere until I get settled in out there. I mean, it can be tough enough to get a decent place to call home when you got credit like mine. Imagine trying to haul a collection of bike parts and assorted crap.

Now when is this all happening, I bet you are wondering? Well plans are being made as I type. I am checking rates for U-Haul, and I just gave my boss my notice. And then schools need to be called. My ex's side of the family will have to be informed and of course we are looking for some comfortable digs out there.

So game is afoot and I am off to grab a tiger by the tail.


grummash said...

Bloody hell, Shroom! I was just thinking that I really should leave a comment wishing you well with the project to finish the Honda by springtime, and look what I found when I logged on today!

This is big news, but I suppose that no-one can say you're set in your ways....

Obviously you and T have something strong or you wouldn't be setting off to start a new life. I hope it works out for you all and I look forward to hearing that you've found somewhere good to live.

That poor Honda, though...back in storage again...will it ever taste the tarmac? ;-)

boobookitty said...

Dude! You had better keep in touch! ;-) I know when you're lurking about! :-D

S.G. said...

Grummy. The project is coming along for the trip. So no long goodnights as of yet. And I am starting to feel antsy about making this happen.

And of course I will still be lurking around the intarwebs.